Capri Anderson's Interview About Charlie Sheen on Good Morning America

Is Capri lying or being deceptive? Is Capri telling the truth about what Charlie Sheen did?
I read Capri's body language in the video for AOL PopEater to answer those questions.
Her choice to go to Charlie Sheen’s room, then sue him for attacking her may have questionable motivations. I think she is telling the truth about what Sheen did, but not being honest when she infers how horrible it was to her.
Her posture is extremely demure. Her hands are clasped in her lap, she tilts her head in a submissive way, her upper body is pulled back and down slouched slightly in the chair. Her legs are bent to the side and pressed together protecting her lower torso. Because she stays in this posture it seems a bit staged.
She shrugged in a show of dissonance and uncertainty as she said “It was hard to say, being that it was the first time I was with him, if that was normal of his behavior.” Her voice on the word “Normal” went up with uncertainty and she smirked after she said the word normal. We smirk when we say one thing but feel something else. She clearly didn’t think his behavior was normal but if the behavior was extremely offensive to her she should have not been conflicted. She as a victim is likely shy though her porn star status would indicate a lack of confidence, but she shouldn’t be conflicted.
As she said, “He seemed like a very egotistical guy her mouth went into a pursed sour taste cue that showed her sincere distaste for him.
When she said she didn’t want to share the racial slurs, “…because they were that vulgar” she oddly looked up to the right. If she is right handed and I think she is, as she sweeps her bangs with her right hand a moment later, this would mean she was constructing that thought rather than remembering that the racial slurs were vulgar. I think she is telling the truth that he made the comments but she is pretending that the slurs were that vulgar to her.
We then get to most interesting part of the interview. As she says,
“He put his hands around my neck. “Her voice really does break on the word, “Hands.”
She does a tongue thrust, sucks in her lips then thrusts her tongue again as she recalls this. Looking down to the right (NLP) are to right handed peoples kinesthetic, tactile l feelings. This shows she is recalling true events but the tongue thrusts show her passive aggressiveness. She is telling the truth about what he did, but I think she was angry and much feistier when it happened than she is saying with her words.

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