OchoCinco and Owens Making Comments About Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromarti and Body Language Read - Cocky or Ready to Play?

This is a body language read of OchoCinco and Owens on a show on the Versus Network.
I usually just report on the body language and don't editorialize but in this case these players were putting other players down and thinking they were cool. I was not impressed. I actually like the rowdy, loud team members who shout and jump up with raised arms and high fives saying, “We are going to win!” “We are going to pulverize them!” Athletes do that to get their limbic brain pumped with adrenaline and other hormones so blood goes to their brain and limbs so they can move and “fight.” Glucose gives them intense focus. That is fun! That energy is contagious and gets the fans fired up.

OchoCinco and Owens will be facing the New York Jets on Thursday night in a nationally televised game and they will be going up against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, two of the best quarterbacks in the game. Revis and Cromartie will be charged with the responsibility of shutting down OchoCinco and Owens, which leads to this exchange in the video.


Questions about the overall exchange and demeanor of the two:

Are they dismissive? Is it in fun? What is the overall tone and tenor? What can you tell us about their delivery that would give some insight into their intentions throughout their delivery? Are they uncomfortable? Cocky? Joking? Self-assured?

The guys were reading their pre-written lines off a teleprompter with a delivery that was stiff and awkward rather than alpha cool dude energetic. Even when OchoCinco used the bullhorn, his body (head, shoulders posture) didn’t go up with enthusiasm nor did his paralanguage, (voice tone, volume, speaking rate) show he was energized. They appeared so cool with the relaxed shoulders, torsos/stomachs, relaxed back and low energy, slow vocal delivery by both guys they didn’t even have to work hard or give it their all in this piece.

Why do they choose to call Revis and Cromartie “Ren & Stimpy?" Does that make it obviously a humorous statement or is that a slight?

The nonverbal delivery, I'm sure, was planned as a comic put down. If they wanted it to be a powerful put down it would have been given spontaneously with a strong stare and vocal emphasis.

How would an athlete who has these statements directed at him react?

As a media coach I would tell Revis and Cromartie not to be worried. Chad OchoCinco (Johnson) and Terrelle Owens are over confident. If Revis and Cromartie are questioned directly by the media about the "Ren & Stimpy," I might suggest a comment such as “Let’s let go of thoughts of cartoon cats and dogs. Let's be great sportsmen and play great football for all our great fans.”

How about carrying over onto the field, what is the impact? If they are joking in their comments, would that mean that they are taking them lightly? If they’re serious and putting them down, does that mean that they might be prone to be too cocky?

It is clear from all this planned buffoonery and their poor delivery of it that they think they are too cool for school.

Final question, number six I know. Can you give me a three sentence intro about you? I’d like to give you a solid plug and while my editor is anti-plugs, we need to do our best here to get you out there, right? Patti Wood MA, CSP in a media couch, who has been researching, reading and speaking on body language since 1982. Author of “Success Signals –Understanding Body Language.

Okay, and here is a bit of background on OchoCinco from a story I did on him a few weeks ago:

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