Image and Attractiveness, making changes.

56 year old female CEO had taken her company from 2 million dollars to a 200 million dollar business in 15 years. She was very successful, but as her client’s got younger she didn’t feel successful. Her clothes were dowdy, blacks and brown her hair hung lank over her face. Parker a Geiger an image consultant colleague of mine, worked with her to see what fit. We are typically drawn to certain first impressions factors power had been her motivator, esthetics attractiveness how she looked to others had meant nothing to her. But now she wanted to look like her new client base.

Parker says, wearing the right colors, saying the right thing, eating with the right utensil is not going to make you successful. It’s knowing you are doing all the right things that builds confidence and it’s that confidence that translates into success. For Sandra, we did just that. Her clothing style is Dramatic/Natural; dramatic in terms of wearing larger scale accessories but natural in the sense of having dressing in comfort. We built a wardrobe of natural fibered clothing and unusual jewelry. Things she felt confident it. Although Sandra has been speaking to large groups around the world after her coaching she told me that she walked out to a crowd of 1000 people and felt more confident then she ever had before. And it felt good. Now Sandra can focus back on what she does best and that is selling!

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