Client Testimonials

I would like to share some of my client testimonial letters that I have received during 2010 and thus far this year. It is such a joy to see the impact that my programs are having in the lives of my clients. It is also exciting to hear back from them as they begin to use their new found knowledge of body language.

Dearest Ms. Patti:
On behalf of the New Mexico Court Reporters Association, I would like to sincerely thank you for a wonderfully entertaining and engaging show! Everyone truly enjoyed your spirited presentation on body language. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen our group laugh so much! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us! I hope you enjoyed yourself half as much as we enjoyed you.
Vanessa Arrieta,
NM CCR, RPR Past President NMCRA

Hi Patti,
Thank you so much for bringing your incredible energy and wonderful knowledge to us. I’ve been sharing some of your stories all week with co-workers! I will definitely be interested in getting more insights from your book.
Thanks again!
Susan Y. Shen Deloitte Consulting LLP P

"I have hired Patti Wood over forty times to kick-off my seminars around the country and plan to use her six more times this year. She gets my audiences energized, focused and she teaches them skills that they can incorporate in their work life immediately. The first thing my audience members ask me when they're deciding on whether to register is, 'Is Patti going to be there?'" Yes she is!
Jeff Justice Seminars

Hi Patti!
You did an awesome job! An entire day of you giving keynotes in a studio for us. I think we have enough information captured to truly give us what we need for your videos. Now begins the edit process. We have so much great information from you that it will be difficult to decide what stays and what goes. We reported out to Richard and Ashley yesterday, and everyone felt that you showed up great on camera and delivered (as usual). I’m looking forward to April as well (When you are live with us again).
Take care Patti, and rest easy knowing you did a great job for us!
Kenny Simon

Good Afternoon Patti,
Great to listen to you and soak up so many great and valuable pointers on people and interactions. It was incredibly interesting. I thank you for presenting so masterfully and sincerely. I trust you had a safe journey back to Atlanta.
Kate Carpenter
Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens

Hi Patti,
I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation to our TEC group today. I look forward to receiving you book and communicating with you as I experiment with what you shared with us today. It was such a refreshing augmentation to the work I did with Bandler & Grinder so many years ago that worked so well for me back then.
Best regards,
Michael Novick

Hi Patti,
On behalf of my entire Builder 20 group I would like to thank you for a wonderful presentation Friday morning. It was very informative and we could have easily listened to you for several more hours. Thanks for the book you gave me and I have already started reading it.
Take care,

Hi Patti,
Didn't want this day to end without telling you how much I enjoyed listening to you, learning from you and watching that body language! You have a wonderful way about you --- a special addition to my trip to IHG. Look forward to seeing you again ---- perhaps at NSA. Until then, continue to bring out the best in people. You do it well!
My best to you always,
Mary Jo

I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent presentation at last week's entrepreneur expo. I almost didn't go to the event, but I am so glad that I did. It was easily one of the best presentations and information sessions I have ever attended. I learned a lot about body language and the funny thing was that you start to see examples of it everywhere. From being at a bar talking with some friends to working with potential clients, it was just eye-opening to see how accurate your information was.
Thanks so much,
Billy Gallagher
Florida Web Presence, LLC

Thank you so much for such an engaging program last night. I had expected something so different and instead was treated to an intimate, captivating gathering. I wish I'd taken your program years ago and over and above anything else paid attention to my own 'gut'. Thank you for your enthusiasm and insights about so much. I would love to take another program to hear what you have to say on dating or first impressions. Lynn Cromer
Executive Assistant

Thank you Patti!
I thought your training was awesome! I will pass your information on to our Top Directors and Nationals at our next meeting and suggest they schedule an event for you to come in and talk to our girls. Thanks again and I'll look forward to seeing you again.
Linda Morris Beauty Consultant and
Future Director Mary Kay Cosmetics

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