Royal Couple.... "Picture Perfect Romance"

I was quoted in the Brantford Expositor and the Belleville Intelligencer on the body language of the Royal Couple, William and Kate.

BAD ROMANCE? No way! Pictures speak louder than words, and when it comes to the royal couple, it's a picture-perfect romance with relationship success signals loud and clear. Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton are a tight twosome who'll be living happily ever after -well, at least they're off to a great start, according to body language expert Patti Wood. Visual hints show their love is deep -William and Kate share a deep respect and admiration for one another, says Wood. "They look at each other often -and not for approval as Diana often did when she first was engaged to Charles, but with respect and affection," says Wood. There's also the look of confidence, says Wood, of"Kate watches him closely when he is talking; she does stand back slightly to show her place but she doesn't bow down her head in submission or lack of confidence as you used to see Diana do in Charles' presence." It's a relationship of equals. According to Wood, Kate keeps her head and chin on "the midline for the throat window, which shows once again her confidence and ease in the high stress media moments." Wood often analyzes celebrity body language and provides fun feedback, including the lies and telltale truths, for major celebrity and women's publications. "One single moment can be very revealing and can predict so many things going on in the relationship at that time," says Wood. "It's the little things couples do that reveal how they really feel because we can't consciously control those actions." Optics don't lie! William and Kate are in sync and the connection is mutual, says Wood. "In photos you often see them taking on mirrored body language poses of each other. That frequent matching and mirroring shows they are in sync."

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