Royal Wedding - Body Language of the Royal Couple, Past and Present

I was interview by Gulf News recently on the body language of the Royal Couple, William and Kate as the date for the Royal Wedding approaches. Below are some of my insights on the Royal Couple's relationship and a look back at Charles and Diana's nonverbal cues.

Blue Dress
Look how casually she links her arm through his. Her body and bearing is upright. This shows her desire to be prim and proper. His hands are folded over his pelvis in what is called the “fig leaf” position and she is standing with her feet pressed together these are the male and female signals of sexual protection. I read this as an indication that they want to keep that part of their relationship private and protected from public scrutiny.

Diana has her arms folded over her heart and her mouth is tense and flattened showing her unhappiness and need to cover her heart and protect it from Charles. His hand is pushing her down symbolically putting her in her place.

I love the photo where William is cradling Kate to him with the front of her body moving into him. I like that his arms bring her close but do so gently. I love how relaxed and rounded their bodies are. Their smiles are very tender. Notice the pouching under their eyes. There is even a very healthy glow on their skin that shows their attraction to each other. Wonderful warm and real connection and affection in this mutual hold.

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