"Wait Until Tomorrow" by Pat MacEnulty ... A Must Read for Every Woman!

When I was on my last trip my wonderful assistant Dorothy took a book that came in the mail and placed it on the stack of books on my desk in the right hand corner. It is my “to read or still processing my learning pile of books.”
Today, back in my office after three intense weeks on the road I glanced to see at what new treat awaited me. On top of “Enchantment,” “A Sense of Urgency,” “Happiness” and “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was a new book titled “Wait Until Tomorrow.” “Wait Until Tomorrow” is a memoir written by my friend of over twenty-five years, Pat MacEnulty. I looked again at the titles of the books that Pat’s book sat on top of. The other titles seemed to echo the journey of Pat’s life. The journey that made it important for her to think when things get hard, terrifying or seemingly unbearable, wait until tomorrow because something wonderful can happen. The book is Pat’s journey as a daughter and a mother. A daughter taken care of by her mother, a mother taking care of her daughter and the recent years, very difficult ones for her as a daughter taking care of her elderly mother.
I opened Pat’s book and started reading. I had read the book a year ago in draft form, but I knew Pat had made many changes. After reading just the introduction and the first two chapters I knew it was an extraordinary book. In fact, I want every woman I know to read it. I want to shout from the rooftops and sing it from the mountains like the Julie Andrews spinning arms out stretched singing, “The Sound of Music.” The pages of this book are alive with the sound of Pat’s love of her mother and her daughter. They are alive with her talent. Pat is the ultimate cool person. So to use her vernacular “Man” she can write. I am so blessed to know Pat.

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