Dr. Conrad Murray Tearing Up at His Manslaughter Case...The Big Debate at OK Magazine

This week we're asking experts their thoughts on crying at a trial, based on
Dr. Conrad Murray tearing up at his manslaughter trial in connection with
the death of Michael Jackson. (He cried when witnesses testified that he was
a good doctor who helped the poor.)



As I have watched the video of the trial I find it interesting that many people are calling his overall demeanor through the trial stone faced. I have noticed that he often has the downward pockets of sadness beneath his eyes and cheeks and at times combined with that sadness the raised eyelids and brows of fear with the white showing above his pupils. In this one minute clip he is crying on the tape. It was the most heartfelt, spreading to his whole face, when the witness talked about his father. The timing of that along with his ability to look at the witness, just furtive glances as she talked, shows not only grief about his father and a bit of sadness, but embarrassment that he didn't live up to his father. The Kleenex rubbing on his face - where he is using the Kleenex only on the side of his face towards the witness also indicates an embarrassment with what the witness is saying. Interesting that he is sad when she is saying he was her doctor. Is it because he didn't do his all for her and the other clinic patients or has he fallen so low compared with his dad's legacy?

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