The Handshake Rules and Etiquette in North America and Other Countries and Cultures.

In North America and Europe, extend a hand upon meeting and parting, and make your handshake firm to show your strength and recognize and respect others.
When doing business in all countries respect the culture and religious difference of the individual when you greet them. For example, American Orthodox Jews are not supposed to shake hands, some men will if they are pressured too, but it is not polite to force them.
In the Middle East and Asia and India, use a gentle grip to show respect a firm handshake implies you don’t trust the other person and need to check for weapons.
While in the North America men can now offer their hand to a women, men in many cultures will wait for a woman to extend her hand first, which is permissible for any man to do.
If you are in an Islamic country, if you are a woman don’t offer your hand to a man and whether you are a male or female don’t offer your hand to a woman.
Some Muslim women doing business in the US will offer their hands for you to shake.

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