Seems like his first impression should have been a clue...a story of “Danger at First Sight.”

I imagine many of us have been attracted to someone who was not good for us. A phenomenon I have researched and labeled danger at first sight.
Working on my book on first impressions today I came across the story at the link below.
A guy went out on a date and stole his date's car. Not good. Then I looked at an undated photo of the car thief that came with the story he looked, scary very scary.
A red streak down the middle of his hair, piercings all over, and a sneer on his face that could make a tiger turn around and run.
If this was how he looked on their first date, a date she apparently went to
pick him up for, there is a reason she should buy my book when it comes out.
Look at his photo and tell me his first impression should have been a clue.

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