Nurses Are Aware of Body Language, Yet They are so Open to Training.

Nurses spend so much time with patients. In my master's program my boyfriend was shot in a hunting accident and lost 47 pints of blood in less than 24 hours. He was not supposed to live. He lost his kidney and his spleen and when they found the bullet in his heart his valve was replaced. All those months in the hospital the nurses cared for him. Years ago, When my best friend Roy was dying of AIDS nurses helped him. In fact, on the very last day of his life, the nurse helping him had a small accident and the needle with his blood nicked her finger, the staff was very concerned about her exposure. This was back when getting AIDS mint you had a year or two to live. She asked to speak to me and as I held Roy's had she asked me to tell her all about him. Her heart was so open she wanted to know all the good about the Man who may have inadvertently effected her health. When my friend Dominic had a stroke, the nurses in the brain trauma ICU when out their way not only to help him, put to talk to me and make sure I was OK. Yes I have a great respect for caring nurses. They are so open to learning more about body language so they can read the pain of their patients, and understand their needs.

My friend Michael's mother was a Nurse. Upon her death he formed a foundation to insure that nurses at her hospital would have excellent training and be recognized for their great work. Here is a link to the nurse caring website.

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