Curb Appeal “Mail Box Magic” Contest

Curb Appeal “Mail Box Magic” Contest My contact - Cell phone 678-358-6160
I love my neighborhood. I am proposing a Curb Appeal Magic Mailbox Contest in my neighborhood that you may want to try in yours. The contest will inspire your neighborhood.

The Curb Appeal Mail Box Magic Contest

You ask your local hardware store to help you and or get a paid summer intern to organize the project. The intern could be majoring in Marketing/PR Agriculture/Architecture/Botany. As part of the project you could have a website/blog or Face book component. Here are the tasks. • Get Names, emails and addresses of home owners within a five mile radius of the store. • Create an email and or flyer advertising the contest email and or put on all the mailboxes. • Get the hardware store to give out a coupon, say, $20 dollars off a purchase of $100.00 dollars or more in the nursery of your store and or on items needed to upgrade a mailbox such as mailbox, mailbox stand, shovel, post hole digger, border stones or bricks, and mailbox numbers. You could have a sale for two weekends. Price could also be a gift certificate. You could go bigger and get a sponsor that is a contractor or builder and offer a new driveway, new stone siding, new roof or new windows or some other curb appeal home improvement. The store may want to qualify the use of the coupon by saying you need to bring in a “before” photo or drawing of your mailbox. You could also offer a workshop of sprucing up your mail box and have after photos in the store or online to inspire us. • Contest prizes $1,500 dollars for best all around curb appeal mailbox, $1,000 second prize 1,000 for most change (before and after) with photos to show the change. • Contact the media and or DeKalb County and see if they would help sponsor and promote the event. • Judges and or sponsors- Manager of the store, head of the nursery, Media personality, City or County official, professors from local colleges in Marketing/PR Agriculture/Architecture/Botany. If there are real estate agencies that work in the neighborhood perhaps they could be co-sponsors or the judges could find sponsor The Garden Club or Neighborhood Association. You could also create a garden tour of homes, but make the “tour” the neighborhood, the mailboxes. An alternative contest could be a make over of front doors.

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