Patient Relations Relating Patiently - Showing Caring Concern

Patient Relations Relating Patiently
Showing Caring Concern
Through Nonverbal Communication and Body Language
By Patti A. Wood MA, CSP

• Do you want to use the power of the first impressions to pick up information about your patient’s personality as quickly as possible?

• Would you like to know three nonverbal ways to hear a patient’s true needs?

Would you like two simple ways to show caring concern to every patient?

• Have you ever wondered what a patient was thinking but not saying?

• Do you know the secret differences between the way males and female patients share their concerns and symptoms?

• Do you want to easily gain the eyes and attention of your patients?

• Have you wanted to establish rapport quickly and easily to make your patient immediately at ease?

• Do you want to know two things to do when someone isn't listening to you?

Would you like three simple ways to show caring concern to every patient?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this program will fulfill your needs through practice, discussion, and one-on-one coaching. You'll develop awareness to give you the competitive edge!

The best way to hold your hands to show you are being honest with a patient
How tongue lip and mouth movements reveal deceit
The difference between a real smile and a masking smile
What part of the body is the most "honest?"
How to read pauses in a patient’s responses
How space and territory changes affect a patient’s comfort level
How the heart and other body windows hide of reveal emotions
How to question a patient to get the most honest and revealing answers
Knee-crossing and brain function
Gesturing for increased verbal ability
Noticing the palms as a lie detector
Forming a clear message with your body language
Reading the full nonverbal sentence
Communicating clearly and effectively nonverbally with other medical professionals

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