Men's Facial Hair ...... What's Behind It?

I recently did an article for the August issue of Cosmo on Men's Facial Hair. Below are some of my insights:

Since a mustache can obscure a guy’s smile, frown, smirk, etc., it’s a perfect way for him to appear more mysterious. A mustache also makes them feel they have more character manliness and power.

Chin Strap
Guys who shave their facial hair into a “chin strap” think it’s a manly look because it imitates tough, real-life things like the chin strap of a soldier’s helmet.

A big, bushy beard
Says that a guy wants to feel rebellious and doesn’t care what other people think (think Zach Galifiniakis).

The full beard
I don’t shave, can be rebellious but if it is unkempt and trimmed it may signal a desire to break all the rules or hide from himself.

Soul Patch
A guy who sports this patch of hair under his mouth wants to show that he is unique and creative (started with the beatniks of the 1950s).

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