Patti reads Ryan Brunn's Body Language on HLN Special Report

Patti shared her insights with Vinnie Politan on HLN Special Report Monday regarding the body language of Ryan Brunn while he was being interrogated for the murder of Jorely Rivera. Check the link below for details!

Patti's notes on the video:
• Overall notice how he consistently repeats back the interrogator’s words to say no rather than use his own wording to deny. When you are keeping information in, when you are lying an easy way to respond is to repeat back the question as a statement.
• Ryan gives a very subtle mouth tense at 1:42 When Interrogator says, “You haven’t told me everything.” That indicates a hot spot, he is keeping something in.
• When interrogator says “One did you participate?…” Ryan’s breathing changes from his baseline to high up in his chest you can see the rise and fall change at 1:59.
• “That tells me that there was some involvement.” Ryan does a half head shake no. Notice that he does not fully shake his head no. Nor does he interrupt and say no as an innocent person would.
• He checks his phone twice around the Pot questions. I can share why he did that, how it affects the brain and the timing.
• “I am not holding nothing back. I promise you.” He nods no, that head shake seems to align with what he is saying. But notice how he keeps shaking his head this time more quickly and more forcefully shaking no when he says he will retake the polygraph and keeps shaking his head no through the next statement.
• “You said nothing happened in Virginia.
• Caught in the lie about where there were any accusations made 3:07 his breathing becomes fast and again goes high in the chest and his voice goes up. He knows he is caught.
• When interrogator having caught him in the lie about charges in Virginia says, “You see the pattern building up. You can see that when I run the polygraph on you.” Ryan clearly shows he is caught. By his response to that at 5:31 his head goes to the side as if he has been punched and his mouth puckers up with the sourness of feeling caught and then Ryan does a tongue cleanse and licks his lips to get that bad taste of being caught out of his mouth.
‘Interrogator says, “Is Ryan a bad person. Is Ryan holding back something?” Ryan jerks back then brushes his hand out weapon like and says, “Has anyone ever said you touched them?” Ryan’s pulls in his lips showing he is keeping the truth about that statement in. I didn’t do nothing to that little Spanish girl and I didn’t do nothing. Look at the gesture smacking down what was just said, smacking down the statement trying to make it go away.

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Romney's Anger Real and Controlled According to Patti

Patti was interviewed by the Associated Press Friday on the recent Republican debate in which Romney forcefully responded to the remark that he was "anti-immigrant." Check the link below to find Patti's insights on Romey's body language.

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Patti Reveals if Kim's Confession is Real or Fake

Patti was interviewed by about Kim Kardashian's confession to her mom, Kris Jenner, that she wasn't happy in her marriage to Kris Humphries. Click the link below for Patti's insights on Kim's body language. Was her confession real or fake? You can see Kim's confession at the end of the article. Watch it and see if you agree with Patti.

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What Is The Definition Of Nonverbal Communication?

A journalist recently asked me, “As a body language expert can you tell me what is Nonverbal Communication?”
What does nonverbal communication include and what doesn’t it include?
How do you define Nonverbal Communication?
Here is the list of cues and behaviors under each separate category of nonverbal communication.
Kinesics – body movement and placement, including gesture, leaning, facial expressions
Paralanguage - voice quality, rate, pitch, volume, and speaking style
Prosodics - features such as rhythm, intonation and stress
Vocalics - vocalizations other than words, such as sighs and moans
Haptics - touch
Proxemics - spatial distances
Chronemics -time
Olfactics - smell, pheromones
Artifacts - use of objects such as cell phones, purses and cigarettes
Technics - A label I have given to the nonverbal aspects of written texts, and electronic communication font choice, handwriting style, spatial arrangement of words, length of text, physical layout of a page and the timing of messages.

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Patti's Body Language Read of Joran Van Der Sloot's Guilty Plea

Joran van der Sloot has plead guilty in Peru on charges that he killed Stephany Flores in a Lima hotel room in 2010. Watch Patti's interview on HLN Prime News with Vinnie Politan at the link below to get Patti's insights on his body language as he enters the courtroom, pleads guilty and then moments after he has just plead guilty to murder.

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Patti Weighs in on Kim Kardashian's Body Language in Dubai

Is Kim Kardashian staging her feeling about her new husband or is this “Oh my goodness I don’t think I am happy with my new husband” an act.
The pause after she is asked about her husband in the opening of the video, is usually long for her. Her baseline for unplanned honest pauses in normally a second and half shorter. In addition the long look straight down, with the micro facial cue of the eye look up at the camera that indicate, “Do you see me looking sad and conflicted” but not showing sadness in her face or body language. She merely looks irritated at having to go through this part of the interview.
She uses almost the exact same sentence, “ I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders” to describe being by herself rather than with her husband in Dubai. If she were conflicted and struggling to deal with her feelings we would be more likely to see her speak about her different feelings, even a rambling list of emotions. Instead she goes to what seems one clear rehearsed.

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Body Language Read of Bill O'Brien Introductory Press Conference for New Penn State Head Coach

Body Language and Media Coach Read of Bill O'Brien at the Introductory Press Conference for the new Penn State head coach. Bill O'Brien replaces the legendary Joe Paterno, who coached the team for the last half-century and resigned in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky's scandal. Watching the introductory press conference, normally warm and relaxed, Bill looks stressed and reads his notes. Here are my rough unedited notes of Bill's body language. This will be up later on I did this read for my interview for the article on

For comparison, here he is during one of his press conferences with the Patriots:

1. What does his body language say to you in the first video? How coached does he appear to be in that video? What are the telltale signs?

I coach people to speak and to be interviewed. He did a good job on bringing his credibility to the men who introduced him by shaking their hands on his way to the podium after he was introduced.
He showed fear and is uncomfortable.
Looked at coaches shook hands but got up to podium and looked down. He grabbed the sides of the podium.
I know that’s a little boring. my wife, my chief of staff had to read her credits how to recruit. Special Michael, Steel that hat. Tom
“All the people that make this university so special.” Lip press. Negative, feeling.

“Ahh Rod Erickson. That was read, unlike the previous introductions very planned staged he was being very careful and notice how his voice got tense and tight as he struck out then got mangled on the word integrity as he said you are a man of INTEGRITY. He had been told that was an important word to say, but he had a hard time saying it with conviction. Also notice how he doesn’t move toward him or gesture toward him as he did with his wife, brother and son so warmly. Instead he rocks oddly from side to side in a self comfort movement showing his nervousness. He doesn’t STAND firm. As he talks about the committee his says “Their mentorship means very very much to me, then he rocks and sticks out his tongue.

2. What are the fall backs he relies on to handle what is clearly an uncomfortable situation? He does a great job with his humor and warmth as he introduces his family. That made him appear very likable.

3. Doesn’t deliver what I would say is the most important point, “…Football team …highest level of character. Instead he speeds through it like a rabbit reading from his notes and mangles the word integrity again by stuttering out the word and having to re say it. He again doesn’t say weight adjustment.

4. When talking about coach Parterno. “I can’t wait to meet him, as soon, as soon as I can get that done.” His voice goes down and he was looking down. He is nervous rather than looking forward to that meeting. The video actually blurs out Bill's mouth as he first says Paterno's name and blurs out Bill's mouth several times during that piece of tape, the one time it doesn’t blur it out is when he says Paterno’s name and sticks his tongue out. I wonder what the blurred bits showed Bill doing when he talked about Paterno?

5. Really like his personal intro to the letter near the last minute and half that he said he worked on (the content of the speech) I liked really how he looked out and said I can see it, (the controversy.) But his voice was so tense as he red the letter and he didn’t cheer and get happy on the most important last line, “We are Penn State.”

6. What is his body language like in the Patriots video and how is it different? In the old Patriots interview his voice is lower in pitch, volume, slower, relaxed. and speed. What is most striking is his eye contact. I can tell that he does pressed lips and mouth cues as he finishes a long statement here so it is more of his baseline rather than exclusive to the new speech today. He is obviously off script in the Patriots interviews and he is answering questions directly so that increases his interaction. He is his own man here. He hasn’t been told what to say.

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Patti on HLN - Nancy Grace Tonight - Body Language Analysis of Casey Anthony's New Videos

Patti will be on Nancy Grace tonight talking about Casey Anthony. She will be doing a body language analysis of both new videos. Check the link below for the video on her YouTube channel.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at Also check out the body language quiz on her YouTube Channel at

Casey Anthony's Body Language Read by Patti Wood MA, CSP
Casey Anthony's Video Diary entry:
I will be reading her body language and other nonverbal and script analysis cues for HLN's Prime News and for Show Biz Tonight.
See my notes below and click the link above which will take you to my YouTube channel to view the interview.

I am struck by how wistful she wants to appear.
Difference she seems more present.
She likes her seductive “Disguise”
At the end of the video, listen to her voice as she begins with “Things will get better” it is soft and wistful and goes up at the end. She is really not sure if it will. Her fear makes her voice and nonverbal cues go from wistful, to worry and then one of her “covers” sexy seductress. She’s smiling looking more directly in the camera gives combination comfort cue with necklace at chest that brings attention to her sexually and follows that by rubbing her upraised knee seductively.
She says, “I hate being on camera.” Striking the word hate, but the next moment she is smiling looking in the camera and enjoying the moment.
She pushes back her hair combination comfort cue and primping that shows she wants to look good.
Though she has released to print media she wants to be left alone, her in her blonde hair, big glasses and white low cut tank disguise make it clear she likes her undercover. Lefeme Nikita likes her disguise. OH man just sure.
She starts out in the beginning of the video amazingly present. Courtroom her face would flit fractured personality the face would flit from hurt little girl to adult to rebellious teenager. Here we can see the emotion she is feeling and then she speaks. She is truly feeling and staying with an emotion and not pushing it away or becoming detached and regressing to a younger age.
Here I am just figuring out my new computer her voice goes up high and she doesn’t push the emotion in she genuinely feels it.
She moves her hand then she talks making her seem at the beginning to see the real her.
Then we see who she is, “I don’t know it has been a long time since I could call something mine?
(She will go on in the interview to say, I my or mine 46 times and mention her dog three times.” Focus on self.
Sexy hair,
Push back
Pressed lips, I still be hear at least in blessing
Some times I’ve adopted
Extremely excited to keep a video log
Real emotions feel show say.
Things are starting to change things are starting to look up. That they only get better, comfort seductive cue with her hands up around her chest as she plays with her necklace.
Soft wistful voice, she doesn’t have the conviction of her voice here.
She later strokes her knee, her upraised knee
As she says, I am looking forward to it.
The end of the first and just the beginning.

The prefrontal cortex the part of the brain that readies the face to have an expression lights up whether you’re feeling an emotion or watching someone feeling and emotion. So you have understanding.
o What is the Brain part that models emotion of what other people are feeling so we can understand them?

 anterior temporal lobe
If you can’t model you have no activation in the socially relevant areas of the brain. The reason sociopaths aren’t feeling empathy is they can’t model other people’s emotions.
Self-projection. Imagine that the self is at a different location in space this part is called upon in empathy posterior superior temporal focus. Why is this person sitting in front of me in the theater? Somewhat cognitive.
Second law of empathy procedure through the imaginative projection of the mind’s eye through space time and identity. If you have trouble activating the posterior superior temporal focus and identifying the point of view of other people. Social dyslexia that emit many phapas and they fail.
In normal people the PSTF lights up when they see a person’s face because they say oh here is another person. I wonder what the world looks like from their perspective. And when we listen to voices.
You have a black board of everything you know as you try to empathize with someone else if they don’t have all the knowledge you have you have to try to erase your blackboard to feel things from their perspective.
Empathy fine tunes unmitigated empathy swamped emphatics feeling with others. Orthopedic surgeons.
Selfish counts narcissistic counts too much
One way too insufficient inhibition of empathy to much stuff emotions for inhibiting so emotional they can’t rein it in.
Don’t inhibit their own stuff very well. Self-counts too much
Hot Narcissistic artistic so emotional they can’t reign it in not very empathetic
Cold Narcissistic emotions are not that strong inhibitor is insufficient. Money drug power and sex. Children. Everybody
Dark and light narcissism- I am doing it for you. It’s all about you.
When you tap your foot to music you are exhibiting the modeling function of empathy the brain interprets it in terms of the motor action it would take to produce that sound. Ancient modeling mechanism.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at Also check out the body language quiz on her YouTube Channel at

Patti Reads the Body Language of Baby Ayla's Father Justin DiPietro on Prime Time News with Vinnie Politan

Patti was interviewed on Prime Time News by Vinnie Politan regarding the body language of Justin Dipietro, the father of missing Ayla Reynolds. Below are Patti's rough notes while watching the video of baby Ayla's father, Justin.

He is exhausted, lowered shoulders lowered brow, low energy volume monotone voice.
Throughout the interview you might think he is bizarrely calm. But I think his exhaustion is obvious and that would also cause those cues.
He does show nervousness throughout the interview slightly more than rapid blinking, his mouth is dry I can hear him try to moisten his tongue.
He says in very planned rehearsed response to why his is one. “A few reasons why initially the first few days… I was emotionally incapable of coming out to do an interview” - That sounds odd to many parents who would walk through fire to find/rescue their children.
“I had been advised by the police that it would hinder the interview.” Doesn’t follow the police proceedings by coming on.”
“Reaching out to the person who DOES have my daughter. “ (His choice and word and vocal emphasize to emphasize he is innocent rather and to voice his anger.) (He doesn’t ask the person to take good care of her or that she is precious and special he doesn’t get upset about her state)
“…to let the person know that what YOUR doing isn’t right for Ayla. She belongs home with her family. Only use of his daughter’s name”
Asked about the change in the status we are at the same place we were at on the day one with this. With her disappearance. Sour Mouth.
Time code 1:46 Night of the disappearance - It was a normal night shaking his head. I put her to bed it was just a normal night. Pulls his lips in I think to keep from crying here. But then look at his tongue cleanse he sticks out his tongue quite broadly. I hate that you are asking about this night.
He does state his relationship to his daughter many times. But in a very possessive way. “She is mine she is my daughter. She means the world to me. “Again he only mentions her name once.
When asked by the interview on the Today Show, “A lot has been said about you.
What can you say about you and your relationship with your daughter? He gives an odd planned response. “I can tell you what I am not. I love my daughter I would never do anything to harm her.”
When asked about the injured arm and his wife’s concerns about his care, he does not flatly deny, but instead says, “As far as I know there is not a problem”
When asked “tell us what makes your daughter so special” there is a marked delay, then he says, “She is my daughter shaking his head no and smiles, “She is my child shaking his head no she’s my child she means the world that’s a she means everything to me.”
When asked for what he wishes, He doesn’t ask for her safety or Ok “I want my daughter home. Feels like a helpless situation (counter 3:44) that is part of the reason I am coming on today to reach out to the person who DOES have her.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at Also check out the body language quiz on her YouTube Channel at

Body Language Expert Patti Wood on HLN PrimeTime Today

Body Language expert Patti Wood will be down at the CNN studios today taping an interivew on HLN's Prime Time. Father of Ayla Reynolds speaks to the TODAY Show Dipietro She will be interivewed on Prime Time about her body language and interiew ananlysis of Ayla's father Justin DiPeitro

The father of missing 20 month old Ayla Reynolds has given his first on camera interview since his daughter went missing more than two weeks ago.

Justin DiPietro said he chose not to speak out shortly after his daughter went missing because he was "emotionally incapable" and that he had been advised by law enforcement that speaking out might "hinder the investigation".

DiPietro says he went on the TODAY Show in hopes of "reaching out to the person that has his daughter".

When asked about the night that Ayla went missing, he responded, "It was just a normal night."

When asked about his relationship with Ayla, DiPietro said that he loves his daughter and said "I would never do anything to harm my daughter."

DiPietro responded to concerns made by Ayla's mother that her daughter wasn't safe in his care. He said, "we had both agreed that me having her at this point in time was the best thing for her."

He went on to say, "I'm doing anything possible to get my daughter home..."

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