Casey Anthony's Body Language Read by Patti Wood MA, CSP
Casey Anthony's Video Diary entry:
I will be reading her body language and other nonverbal and script analysis cues for HLN's Prime News and for Show Biz Tonight.
See my notes below and click the link above which will take you to my YouTube channel to view the interview.

I am struck by how wistful she wants to appear.
Difference she seems more present.
She likes her seductive “Disguise”
At the end of the video, listen to her voice as she begins with “Things will get better” it is soft and wistful and goes up at the end. She is really not sure if it will. Her fear makes her voice and nonverbal cues go from wistful, to worry and then one of her “covers” sexy seductress. She’s smiling looking more directly in the camera gives combination comfort cue with necklace at chest that brings attention to her sexually and follows that by rubbing her upraised knee seductively.
She says, “I hate being on camera.” Striking the word hate, but the next moment she is smiling looking in the camera and enjoying the moment.
She pushes back her hair combination comfort cue and primping that shows she wants to look good.
Though she has released to print media she wants to be left alone, her in her blonde hair, big glasses and white low cut tank disguise make it clear she likes her undercover. Lefeme Nikita likes her disguise. OH man just sure.
She starts out in the beginning of the video amazingly present. Courtroom her face would flit fractured personality the face would flit from hurt little girl to adult to rebellious teenager. Here we can see the emotion she is feeling and then she speaks. She is truly feeling and staying with an emotion and not pushing it away or becoming detached and regressing to a younger age.
Here I am just figuring out my new computer her voice goes up high and she doesn’t push the emotion in she genuinely feels it.
She moves her hand then she talks making her seem at the beginning to see the real her.
Then we see who she is, “I don’t know it has been a long time since I could call something mine?
(She will go on in the interview to say, I my or mine 46 times and mention her dog three times.” Focus on self.
Sexy hair,
Push back
Pressed lips, I still be hear at least in blessing
Some times I’ve adopted
Extremely excited to keep a video log
Real emotions feel show say.
Things are starting to change things are starting to look up. That they only get better, comfort seductive cue with her hands up around her chest as she plays with her necklace.
Soft wistful voice, she doesn’t have the conviction of her voice here.
She later strokes her knee, her upraised knee
As she says, I am looking forward to it.
The end of the first and just the beginning.

The prefrontal cortex the part of the brain that readies the face to have an expression lights up whether you’re feeling an emotion or watching someone feeling and emotion. So you have understanding.
o What is the Brain part that models emotion of what other people are feeling so we can understand them?

 anterior temporal lobe
If you can’t model you have no activation in the socially relevant areas of the brain. The reason sociopaths aren’t feeling empathy is they can’t model other people’s emotions.
Self-projection. Imagine that the self is at a different location in space this part is called upon in empathy posterior superior temporal focus. Why is this person sitting in front of me in the theater? Somewhat cognitive.
Second law of empathy procedure through the imaginative projection of the mind’s eye through space time and identity. If you have trouble activating the posterior superior temporal focus and identifying the point of view of other people. Social dyslexia that emit many phapas and they fail.
In normal people the PSTF lights up when they see a person’s face because they say oh here is another person. I wonder what the world looks like from their perspective. And when we listen to voices.
You have a black board of everything you know as you try to empathize with someone else if they don’t have all the knowledge you have you have to try to erase your blackboard to feel things from their perspective.
Empathy fine tunes unmitigated empathy swamped emphatics feeling with others. Orthopedic surgeons.
Selfish counts narcissistic counts too much
One way too insufficient inhibition of empathy to much stuff emotions for inhibiting so emotional they can’t rein it in.
Don’t inhibit their own stuff very well. Self-counts too much
Hot Narcissistic artistic so emotional they can’t reign it in not very empathetic
Cold Narcissistic emotions are not that strong inhibitor is insufficient. Money drug power and sex. Children. Everybody
Dark and light narcissism- I am doing it for you. It’s all about you.
When you tap your foot to music you are exhibiting the modeling function of empathy the brain interprets it in terms of the motor action it would take to produce that sound. Ancient modeling mechanism.

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