Patti Reads the Body Language of Baby Ayla's Father Justin DiPietro on Prime Time News with Vinnie Politan

Patti was interviewed on Prime Time News by Vinnie Politan regarding the body language of Justin Dipietro, the father of missing Ayla Reynolds. Below are Patti's rough notes while watching the video of baby Ayla's father, Justin.

He is exhausted, lowered shoulders lowered brow, low energy volume monotone voice.
Throughout the interview you might think he is bizarrely calm. But I think his exhaustion is obvious and that would also cause those cues.
He does show nervousness throughout the interview slightly more than rapid blinking, his mouth is dry I can hear him try to moisten his tongue.
He says in very planned rehearsed response to why his is one. “A few reasons why initially the first few days… I was emotionally incapable of coming out to do an interview” - That sounds odd to many parents who would walk through fire to find/rescue their children.
“I had been advised by the police that it would hinder the interview.” Doesn’t follow the police proceedings by coming on.”
“Reaching out to the person who DOES have my daughter. “ (His choice and word and vocal emphasize to emphasize he is innocent rather and to voice his anger.) (He doesn’t ask the person to take good care of her or that she is precious and special he doesn’t get upset about her state)
“…to let the person know that what YOUR doing isn’t right for Ayla. She belongs home with her family. Only use of his daughter’s name”
Asked about the change in the status we are at the same place we were at on the day one with this. With her disappearance. Sour Mouth.
Time code 1:46 Night of the disappearance - It was a normal night shaking his head. I put her to bed it was just a normal night. Pulls his lips in I think to keep from crying here. But then look at his tongue cleanse he sticks out his tongue quite broadly. I hate that you are asking about this night.
He does state his relationship to his daughter many times. But in a very possessive way. “She is mine she is my daughter. She means the world to me. “Again he only mentions her name once.
When asked by the interview on the Today Show, “A lot has been said about you.
What can you say about you and your relationship with your daughter? He gives an odd planned response. “I can tell you what I am not. I love my daughter I would never do anything to harm her.”
When asked about the injured arm and his wife’s concerns about his care, he does not flatly deny, but instead says, “As far as I know there is not a problem”
When asked “tell us what makes your daughter so special” there is a marked delay, then he says, “She is my daughter shaking his head no and smiles, “She is my child shaking his head no she’s my child she means the world that’s a she means everything to me.”
When asked for what he wishes, He doesn’t ask for her safety or Ok “I want my daughter home. Feels like a helpless situation (counter 3:44) that is part of the reason I am coming on today to reach out to the person who DOES have her.

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