Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon’s Body Language. Are They a Couple?

Are they a couple? Patti shared her insights on their body language with Hollywoodlife recently. Read Patti's insights below, watch the video and see if you agree!

She wants them to be a couple and wants his support. She reaches out quickly and with neediness three times in those few movements to hold hands with him. If she felt secure with him she would be more likely to reach out her hand slowly knowing that he would meet her hand half way. Instead she quickly grasps. In the one instance when they are crossing the street he briefly rebuffs her attempt to hold hands then gives in. The neediness is also shown in both videos and she has to move quickly, in a scuttle motion in one case, to keep up with him. And he is not slowing down for her. Though I like that he reaches out briefly to put his arm around her, he doesn’t fully comfort by wrapping the arm around her and leaving it there. He instead gives a reach to hold but doesn’t follow through removes his arm quickly.

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