Body Language Recommendations for networking event, group job interviews, group auditions and reality show competitions and parties.

A client of mine, who is now being considered for a reality show, recently sought some last minute coaching advice. Here are my rough notes to him that you may want to consider and adapt for your use when you are at a meeting or job interview networking event.  

1.       Be very present and connect with each person you speak with.

2.      Focus on them completely when you’re with them. That is the number one behavior of a charismatic person.

3.      If you are in room with other candidates, producers etc., get there early, stand near the door and introduce yourself and introduce people to each other.  

4.      You are a life of the party guy, very smart and very witty and I would coach you to be your wonderful self.

5.      Find something fun and cleaver to say about the day, the food or the ambiance.

6.      Find a fellow auditionee to have a little fun and laugh with so they can see how much fun you would be as a team member.

7.      Spend quality time with and make yourself memorable to the decision makers thank them at the beginning and be the last one to thank them at the end be grateful and happy to have a chance to be there.

8.     I was so impressed with you and your fun lively story telling ability when I we worked together I know they will love you.  

  • Most important get out sticky notes or 3 by  5 cards
  • Write questions you know they will ask
  • Write questions you hope they won’t ask
  • What situations your fear may come up one question/fear for each sticky note.
  • Turn each note over and come up with an answer you are comfortable with.
  • Come up with a few questions you can ask others to open them up and get them comfortable
  • Mix it up, be serious and be funny mix it up. Then have a few friends take the sticky notes and ask you the questions

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