Body Language Read of Rob Pattinson and Kristen at OTR After Party

First Video, 

He faces her and takes the crook of his arm and locks it around Kristen’s head in an ownership gesture. It is playful and brief. This gesture is typically done when standing to the side of a women when in the presence of others as a show of ownership, "She is with me.” In this case he does it standing facing her so it is to prove to himself that she is his. His smile and head shaking and playful touches indicate he can’t believe she is his. Her posture in response is a slightly hunched over she doesn’t touch back nor does she linger. At first she does not “respond it kind” to his advances. She is more shy.   

Later when he makes that ummm sound as he hugs her she does a comfort cue, putting her hand to her mouth and leaving it there as he tries to get intimate indicating she is not comfortable with his caresses. But when she sees him finally back up she changes. I think that when he backed up she felt that absence of his advance and  she reaches up and puts her hand around his neck so he comes closer.

At the beginning even when she tilts her head up to talk to him she doesn’t hold her hands up or touch him as she does to pull him closer to her.  She rests her head ever so briefly.

If you watch the tape several times you can see the dance of the relationship is him cornering her and moving closer and her moving back.  His odd shaking side to side is in part his frustration that she is not moving towards her. Again he is playful but she is not fully playing back in kind.

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