Photo Read of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart by Patti Wood

Interesting. He has the whole front of his body throat window, heart window, stomach window. pelvis window towards her with his pelvis window  ( indicating sexual connection) around her. She is hunched forward in a protective way closing off her stomack window strongly with a her fingers closed.  I know from watching TV interviews of her to see her baseline body language that she hunching her shoulders a habit of her in public situations. What is interesting is that she does it when she is with him. As typically people that do that hunch TOWARD their sweeties so that their venerable heart and stomachs are toward the person they trust.

He feels that closing off enough for him to want to pull her a bit towards him with a belt hold. This shows sexual ownership. It is a loose hold put a hold none the less.  In laymen’s terms He is very hot for her.

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