Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Language Read During His Interview On 60 Minutes

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Language Read during his Interview on 60 minutes last night talking about his affairs and his relationship with Maria.

Notes below from watching video

Current Relationship

This was from tape shown this morning on CBS news rather than last night’s interview

He barrels through her question to whether or not by saying I did says, “…I apologized many times (This behavior shows his aggressiveness not what we would expect a feeling of contrition and humility) He then says, “I hope (with an asymmetrical face, eye brow far up and sharp) “… that down the line she will be able to forgive me for that.”

He says, “She has been an extraordinary women (though shaking his head no) wife (again as he shakes his head no) and mother. (Here he does not shake his head no)

“I felt terrible about the whole thing.” The emphasis is on how HE feels not the pain he causes.

He is asked the question “was the marriage over anyway?’  Then there is a long pause before he says, “It was really a lot of strain on the marriage, (then he swallows) relationships (as he gives a downward sour smile.)

I would interpret this response as the relationship had already gone sour, and Maria was strained.

Only affair-  He turns his head to the right  in attack block blinks his eyes tightly shut also in an attack block and dips his head as if he has been jabbed but most interesting is that his voice his paralanguage is the starting tight voiced no that goes up high then playful voice as he smiles and adds I doubt it that shows he is  actually bragging that he had the affair with Bridget and would never say that it is his only affair,  the smile stays on his face but turns into a conflicted smirk as he says sotto voice, but that is between Maria and me. Can I just say the smile lasts so long that it shows his enjoyment of sharing that affair?  This is a bit odd as he wrote about the Bridgett affair in the book that he is now doing a National TV interview and talking about the details of the affair are now not just between him and Maria.

Notes to go with this video Schwarzenegger: 'I'm not perfect'

CNN|Added on October 1, 2012Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up with "60 Minutes" ahead of the release of his memoirs.

To the questions, “So, It is a recurring issue with you?”  His eyes narrow down into attack focus and he gives that tight lipped smirk his mouth pulling up on his left and he says, “I am not perfect. “ In a very soft voice as his chin comes down.  His chin usually comes up defiantly in his answers so here we see his version of an admission that he was bad.

His son by housekeeper - It was never discussed but I put the things together here. He is smiling.

When wife asks him, He says, “You’re absolutely correct and does a tongue thrust.  That tongue thrust is a symbolic strike out attacking Maria for outing him.

Asked, “Do you have to remind yourself or is it always there.”

We see his most difficult coming to grips with the question. He does a tongue flick, his mouth is dry with stress and he has to moisten it. His head comes back slightly. His eyes don’t just shutter close with the bad feelings he pulls his eyes shut so there are visible wrinkles at the corners and his mouth tightens back and you can see on freeze frame his suppressed cry of anguish. As he comes out of it tries to pull himself together and he says, “It’s always there.”

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