Body Language Insights of the President's Acceptance Speech

President Obama didn’t look like he was tired and notice how he comes on stage. See how his arms are dropped down but held up and are away from his sides and his hands appear to be heavy weights. He should be like a lion victorious. Hands hanging down below the waist indicate sadness, loss, depression. 

Compare that to the hands held high and long hand held high waving as he took the stage in his last acceptance speech. 

Also notice how he didn't come downstairs towards the audience showing power and confidence, a move that you typically see in winning candidates that I call the victory parade. He just tuned in place with his family. 

I loved how Obama's voice went low and warm as he talked about his wife Michelle Obama and I also was struck by the chronemics(the cues of time) Obama spent over a minute talking about her.  I'm actually amazed at the unusually large amount of time for an acceptance speech. He also paused for over 4 second after each comment he made about her. She has been supporting him behind the scenes in ways we don't know. He wanted her to know he truly appreciated it. It was not just for the cameras.

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