Body Language Expert Patti Wood on HLN PrimeTime Today

Body Language expert Patti Wood will be down at the CNN studios today taping an interivew on HLN's Prime Time. Father of Ayla Reynolds speaks to the TODAY Show Dipietro She will be interivewed on Prime Time about her body language and interiew ananlysis of Ayla's father Justin DiPeitro

The father of missing 20 month old Ayla Reynolds has given his first on camera interview since his daughter went missing more than two weeks ago.

Justin DiPietro said he chose not to speak out shortly after his daughter went missing because he was "emotionally incapable" and that he had been advised by law enforcement that speaking out might "hinder the investigation".

DiPietro says he went on the TODAY Show in hopes of "reaching out to the person that has his daughter".

When asked about the night that Ayla went missing, he responded, "It was just a normal night."

When asked about his relationship with Ayla, DiPietro said that he loves his daughter and said "I would never do anything to harm my daughter."

DiPietro responded to concerns made by Ayla's mother that her daughter wasn't safe in his care. He said, "we had both agreed that me having her at this point in time was the best thing for her."

He went on to say, "I'm doing anything possible to get my daughter home..."

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