Patti Weighs in on Kim Kardashian's Body Language in Dubai

Is Kim Kardashian staging her feeling about her new husband or is this “Oh my goodness I don’t think I am happy with my new husband” an act.
The pause after she is asked about her husband in the opening of the video, is usually long for her. Her baseline for unplanned honest pauses in normally a second and half shorter. In addition the long look straight down, with the micro facial cue of the eye look up at the camera that indicate, “Do you see me looking sad and conflicted” but not showing sadness in her face or body language. She merely looks irritated at having to go through this part of the interview.
She uses almost the exact same sentence, “ I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders” to describe being by herself rather than with her husband in Dubai. If she were conflicted and struggling to deal with her feelings we would be more likely to see her speak about her different feelings, even a rambling list of emotions. Instead she goes to what seems one clear rehearsed.

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