Is he comfortable and confident? Body Language cues of Robert Pattinson (The actor who played in Twilight) at a recent press conference

Below are my notes for Hollywoodlife interview after reading recent photos of Robert Pattinson.  Check out the links below to see the photos I read and then my insights.

In a recent interview Robert Pattinson (The actor who played in Twilight) said he felt so scared about taking on roles other than Twilight. Looking at recent photographs during a press event  for his new movie Cosmopolis.  

Does he look comfortable?  He does look fairly comfortable though he is showing a slight lack of confidence by the lack of space he takes up and the asymmetry of his gesture clusters in many of the photos. Under confident men place their feet apart more of six to eight inch range. Look at all the men’s feet in the first group.. See how he has his heels closer together than the other three men. Also look at that first photo and see how he has his arms close to his body and his hand in his pocket and in addition has his body at a slight tilt.

That shows a little protectiveness. We show ourselves straight on when we are super confident.  When we aren’t super self assured we may stand or tilt and present asymmetrically.

The most interesting thing I think is how he is interacting with the guys. He is feeling a difference in his power and relationships. 

Remember how he was often interviewed and photographed as part of a couple or love triangle in the twilight press conferences. I read hundreds of those press conference photos. In this press conference he is often shot looking at the men and lowering his head and shoulders as he listens. I think here its not necessarily a lack of comfort of self-confidence, but respect, the  recogogntion he is not the alpha male of the group.  He's interacting with experienced, powerful men he is feeling the difference of interacting with young co stars and an adoring young female audience and that is making him nervous.

 The photos were he is laughing show a great ease and delight. There is one particular photo where he is laughing leaning forward with a full open mouth and teeth showing  that indicate a true playful laugh that you actually don’t see very often at press conferences. (Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are rare exceptions they both have that wonderful laugh)  What is interesting to me is how he is dealing with other people.

He does put his hand over his mouth in a few of photos in way that suggests he is unsure or lacks confidence, but the laughing photos show me that was just a little blip in his other wis not sure he is speaking.

The toothpick is a nice prop. Men use this little sharp weapon like a artifact to say, remember I am the cool guy.  Note he didn’t just finish eating corn on the cob he is at a press conference. So we know he is choosing that prop to enhance his image. Toothpicks also serve as a comforting prop. There are so many nerve ending in and around the mouth and chewing the toothpick stimulates the nerves and creates a soothing chemical response. 

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