Patti Will Be On ShowBiz Tonight at 11 pm Analyzing Robert Pattinson's Body Language During His Recent Interviews

Robert Pattinson talks Kristen Stewart and Cosmopolis
 on Good Morning America and John Stewart Show

 A body language read by Patti Wood
Body Language Expert Patti Wood will be on ShowBiz Tonight at 11 pm giving her in-depth analysis of Robert Pattinson’s body language on John Stewart’s show on August 14th and his Good Morning America Interview today on August 15th.  Below are Patti Wood’s body language rough notes on Robert’s body language in those two interviews as well as his interview on ShowBiz last night.
John Stewart’s Show and Good Morning America Interviews
Feet and legs are down and flexed in the ready to jump up out of the chair and run flexed position. Robert makes a joke, he comforts him, does a head protection comfort cue head scratch.  He doesn’t like what’s going on hand over the groin to partial fig leaf protection.
He’s given a cereal box and he has fun for a moment.  His body language is playful. Then he puts both hands in his lap like a school boy about to be reprimanded.

How are you doing, “
He does an avoidance cluster of cues, his body turns away, he goes for the coffee and you see a micro facial cue of sadness he looks down and eyes partially closed and down.
Then he hand blocks with coffee instead of grabbing the handle so he tries to cover his mouth and curls and presses in his lips to suppress what he is really feeling, a mixture of sadness in his eyes and anger at the mouth. As he puts down the cup the anger cluster is emphasized with a tongue thrust that says I am mad at you for asking that question ‘He says, “I mean…pauses he shakes his head no, he shakes again not just his head but his whole body. He avoids the question looking at his fans. They seem pretty excited about it.  And he laughs, this time his head comes down and the laugh and smile show an effort to reduce tension, (laughter and anger cover deception or withholding of information)
I can see where this works for him.  His next laugh brings his body up out of his seat as if he wants to escape or this gives him the chance to escape.  He sits back in the chair relaxes and crosses his legs. He is ready to be there.  

What drew you to this role?  Look at the dramatic shift to centered still body relaxed voice.
And though he does another head scratch when they come back to him after showing the suggestive sex scene, he follows it with a flirty showing of the palm and impish grin. And now when he laughs he comes more naturally up and out of his chair.

ShowBiz Tonight Interview
Asked “So how are you doing”
Look at the immediate cluster of withdrawal avoidance mixed with forced attention cues
He lowers his head and shutters his eye, holds his own hand, and comforts whipping off the sweat move. Then forces his eyes wide to pretend he’s paying attention. 
“Because the world wants to know?
He leans over to get his coffee and goes off camera.    He uses the coffee cup as a shield between himself and the interviewer. Then does a tongue cleanse to clean off how he is truly feeling then says in a low stressed voice, “Yeah” gives the host an micro facial cue of awkward smiling grimace showing he’s mad he has to answer this question. Then laughs but look and listen to the laugh - characteristic award laugh but more forced. One with a tighter throat and vocal chords and instead of the head going up as it usually would in a laugh his head moves swiftly down. And then grabs the outside of the cup swinging his body again away from the interviewer to block and  brings the coffee cup way up to cover as much of his face as possible and again used the exaggerated open eyes to show that he is ok and only gives a sideways glance to the interviewer.
“Difficult to hear all the reporting about you” he actually brings his brows together in slight scowl.
“Reports about you drinking” he does his fast blink (the only fast blink thus far in the interview.)
Wallowing in misery …but you look absolutely fine,  “ He gives another forced laugh bringing his head down. And he does almost a snarl smile closing his eyes and turning his head away.
Then he looks at the directory.  He says, “Since the first twilight.” And brings his whole hand up in a nose cleanse all the fingers whipping under his nose not once not twice but three times as he says, “you enter a realm where you get”  
Interesting the look to the director helps then the directory visibly comforts him he gets comforted by the director then once the director starts speaking Robert begins to relax he is still using the cup.
“Do you just laugh it off. “  He gets a sour face and looks down again and makes an audible tongue cleanse, looks away scowls a bit.
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