What to Look for in Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate, Words and Body Language

NBC news has this article on what to look for in tonight’s vice presidential debates. Of course, I will be looking at the body language as well.  After the presidential debate last week I will be particularly interested to see how Vice President Biden, who is known for wining debates easily, will look up against the young whippersnapper, Ryan, who has never debated as the article says, “…the entire nation watching.” Will Ryan know, as Biden does, to look at the camera as if it is a person? Will he know how to hold his facial composure for the close up when Biden is talking? Will Biden gesture and move more to look young and energetic and will Ryan uses more vocal pauses to look powerful?  Ryan is use to speeches where he has lots of time and he doesn’t have to compete. Will his face show his stress during the short timed response? Will he rush or slow down? Will Biden smirk and show other cues of disrespect for Ryan?

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