Body Language of Leadership

So excited to see what the new MIT research will show it the best body language for leadership.

Body language cues to make you look powerful in an interview or meeting.

Today I was coaching a client for a job interview and we worked on 4 body language behaviors she used to look powerful and confident.

  1. Stay standing, or sit in the firmest seat or sit in readiness for action as you wait, if the waiting room seats make you look slouched or are awkward get out of the seat.
  1. Put your hand out first. In fact, when you see the interviewer turn towards then immediately and as you step forward raise your arm immediately as you step forward. This makes you look confident and insures you make significant eye contact rather than look down at your feet as you move forward.
  1. The next body language tip for looking powerful in an interview or meeting is to make significant eye contact before you sit down and again just as you sit down. This is very important for women, who tend to be distracted by their “stuff” and take a subordinate position and wait to make eye contact till after they are settled in and have arranged their purse, their coffee cup, their paper, their jacket, etc.

  1. Take up space as you sit down. The easiest way to do this is to have a leather bound case for your pad that you can open up so that your table top “foot” print is broad. The leather looks impressive and communicates status. It also keeps you from looking like a lower level person or secretary if you take notes.
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