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*mom blames dad*

Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (Dad & Mom Relationship) 08927115

oc: supposed to be

trt: 1:10

14:39:28 Police: What kind of relationship did your dad have with your mom?" -- Pyne He was really working to make it better, getting her flowers and stuff he was really trying to fix things between the two of them because she was really mad at him for everything that's happened with medication; 14:39:54 she blames him for trying to take me and Julia away from her. You've got to understand: 14:40:09 she was manic and crazy she once thought that he was this bad guy who was trying to ruin her life and take her kids away from her 14:40:23 and once she got on the medication, she was better again. 14:40:28 And he was really trying to make her like him again, make the relationship like it's supposed to be" 14:40:38

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (MANIC/HITTING ME) 08927097

oc: she wasn't herself

trt: 54

13:15:40 (I understand there were an issue of some sort of fight between the 2 of you? Did she ever get arrested awhile back?) yeah that was back last summer, she was not on her medication, was very, very manic . . . 13:16:01 it was early in the morning; I heard my parents yelling back and forth and it woke me up and I walked into their room at the door was opened and they were just screaming at each other... 13:16:20 and she came at me, launched out of the bed and grabbed me by the throat, started hitting me and stuff -- "but she didn't hurt me or anything; she was just manic..she wasn't herself. 13:16:34

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (ON THE EDGE) 08927125

oc: little bit paranoid

trt: 1:07

14:40:42 Police: Was there ever a time where you felt because of her condition she was damaging the family?" -- Pyne: 14:40:58 No, it was tough when she would go manic and everything, but all we ever wanted was to get her on medication, but we finally got her on, and she was taking it she would come to my dad and show him, im taking my pills every night so 14:41:34 Police Did she seem like she was agitated, or on edge this week or last couple of weeks?" Pyne maybe the last few days, but we just attributed that to the medication switch, kind of a little on edge, a little bit paranoid. 14:41:48

Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (MEDICATION) 08927101

oc: better she gets

trt: 41

13:17:26 (And you said she's been on medication?) Yes. (Do you know what kind of medication?) She was on Depakote . . . the doctor wanted it to switch it to I don't know what the new name stuff was. apparantly it doesn't have any side effects. So that's why he was switching it. 13:17:44 ("how long ago did she switch medications?") -- "just recently; I believe it was in the past week. (And things were starting to get better?) "things have been getting better for a long time; week by week the longer she's on the medication, the better she gets 13:18:05

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (GIRLFRIEND) 08927103

oc: little bit uneasy

trt: 39

13:21:02 ("you have a girlfriend?") "yes, (waht's her name) Holly. 13:21:05 // 13:21:35 (have she (gf) been in your house before?) yes ("when was the last time she was at your house?) probably last summer . . . I usually go to her house . . . because obviously she knows about my mom's condition . . . she didn't really feel comfortable coming all the I usually go over there. 13:21:59 (Did she get along with your mother, or just uncomfortable) fine, she knows she gets crazy that kind of makes her a little bit uneasy 13:22:09

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (MANIC/CRAZY/HYPER) 08927099

oc: over the place

trt: 44

13:16:36 (How long as she had issues?) well, It first started back when I was seven; she was more depressed back then and bipolar you are depressed and manic..she was more depressed at that time for a few years than my sister was born in 2000, and she was good until about 2008. 13:17:05 Right after I graduated from high school and she went manic she wasn't depressed any more she just got crazy, she was hyper, and just all over the place" 13:17:18

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (SCRATCHES FOREARM) 08927091

oc: okay...good.

trt: 1:10

13:36:30 "are those scratches on your forearm?" -- "yes, I get scratched up a lot at work . . . a goat got out of a pen at work, and we had to catch him" we have a petting farm. -- "what's this on your pants?" -- "paint" -- "what were you painting?" - "that was back from winter/spring; we were painting a new feeder at work" -- please don't get offended...we got to look at all this stuff. No i understand...I need to stand up and lift your shirt up, to make sure you don't have any injuries on your stomach or back or anything like that" -- HE STANDS, AND TAKES OFF HIS SHIRT 13:37:36

 ****denies involvement, cries****

Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (DID YOU HURT MOM) 08927109

oc: hard enough time

trt: :37

14:44:44 did you do anything at all today to hurt your mom?" -- "no, no . . . (in any way shape or form) nothing . (did you haev any arguments with your mom) no I didn't say anything hurtful to her; I did nothing 14:44:57 . I have no idea who would" -- "I can't even . . . " 14:45:12 HE PUTS HIS HEAD IN HIS HANDS, AND STARTS CRYING -- 14:45:17 "I'm having a hard enough time . . ." -- " 14:45:20

 **when he is in room alone**

Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (WHAT THE F*CK) 08927189

oc: going on (double out)trt: :11

13:46:26 "oh, God, what the FUCK is going on?"


13:47:25 "what the FUCK is going on?"

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (TAKES OFF BANDAGES) 08927155

oc: off quick, so

trt: :45

13:57:09 Police: Jeff Can you take the bandages off your hands for us? . . .Pyne: Sure //


13:58:09 (let me see those for a second...Describe to me what took place on that pallet)13:18:21 . . . it was just laying on the ground flat and i picked it up like this I used my foot to give it a boost to kick up a stack of pallets and my hand just kind of got stuck in there" (HE DEMONSTRATES) and i caught it and i just kind of shoved it back on there and it stung really bad. i pulled my hands off quick, so. 13:58:44

***puts hand on head***

Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (CHRISTIAN SCHOOL) 08927105

oc: I don't know

trt: :57

13:39:30 ("is there anything else you can think of . . . is there anybody who might want to do something like this?") -- "I don't know anybody who's violent, really . . . I went to a Christian school; I was friends with a bunch of nice kids" 13:40:00 (the problem we have is that your mom is a stay-at-home mom from the information we gathered she doesn't have a bunch of friends..she doesn't have any enemies why would somebody pick your home, in a very short time period, and harm your mom?") -- "I don't know" 13:40:25

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (HARM YOUR MOTHER) 08927087

oc: know of anyone

trt: :53

13:32:52 did your mom have any enemies?" - "not really . . she didn't really have any friends, so that kind of eliminated her having any enemies, if that makes sense" -- 13:33:06 "is there anybody you can think of that would want to harm your mother?" or anybody out there you who want to harm your mother -- "I can't . . .she's always been a really nice lady . . . I don't know; I don't know of anyone" -- 13:33:43

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (PALLET/SKIN TAG) 08927113

oc: in the slots, okay

trt: 1:22

15:26:39 "when you pulled your hand back from that pallet, was that skin gone?" -- "there was a lot of skin gone ,and then there was some skin tags" -- "it was this broken pallet right here, on top?" -- "yeah" -- " 15:27:07here was your hands at on the pallet? wehn you injured your hands. i just grabbed one of the slots in there, and just picked it up. (laying flat?) it was laying on the ground" "that just doesn't seem like a very normal place to grab that pallet?" -- 15:27:40 "I tipped it up on its side . . . this part, I had flat on the ground coming up -- "then I picked it up to throw it back up" -- "I put my hand in the slots" in the slots, okay 15:28:00

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (Last Person/Broken Pallet) 08927117

oc: it being broken

trt: :25

15:28:13 "let's face it, you were the last person that we know that saw your mom alive nobody is accusing you of anything we've got to go over everything in detail . . . i understand... that was the pallet for sure?" -- "yeah, because I remember it being broken" 15:28:38

 Jeffrey Pyne Interrogation (GROCERY SHOPPING) 08927081

oc: were leaving? yeah

trt: 1:09

13:14:12 My mom went to do grocery shopping when she got back I helped her unload the car and we put the groceries away. -- "she went upstairs to lay down, and I was just chilling, waiting to go to work and decided to go over and take care of some stuff for Mrs. Needham, because I was kind of bored and I was itching for something to do" 13:14:42 (your mom was lying down where?) she goes up her room. 13:14:44 // 13:19:08 (was it right away after she put the groceries away or what did she do before she put the groceries away?) she was in the living room; I think she was reading" -- "and then I know she went upstairs to lay down; when I left, that's where she was. 13:19:29 (Was there any issue was she upset about anything everything ok when you left?) . . . everything was fine. 13:19:37 (Did she know you were leaving, did you tell her you were leaving?) yeah. 13:19:42

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