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January 2012 Newsletter
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Patti Wood, MA, CSP and Body Language Expert
Patti Wood is an international speaker, author and consultant to Fortune 500 companies. She reads the body language of politicians, celebrities and other well-known world figures for national media such as CNN and FOX News. Her corporate clients describe her as a dynamic, powerhouse presenter.

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Dear Patti,
Last night my plane from New York flew through, what the pilot described as some "inclement weather." Later at home, we were awakened by violent storms, the thunder rumbled for hours. The storms have passed, but Peachtree Creek has flooded the basements of the houses across the street in my neighborhood. We have moved cars, the kids are playing ball in the street, and people are driving by taking photographs of our new "lake front" homes. Storms are mighty, but we persevere and play on.
This month you can read about cell phones, business meetings and technology and watch TV interviews on the body language of those in the news.
Take Care,
Don't be "Clued Out" by Your Technology
A friend was standing in the lobby of a building talking loudly on her cell phone. She continued her call in the crowded elevator, oblivious to everyone riding with her until she went to step off on her floor and noticed several people glaring at her. She didn't think much about it, but later that day, she went into a meeting and met her new manager, one of the men glaring at her in the elevator. Why did she talk on? Why do we all do it?
A strange nonverbal phenomenon occurs when we are connected via phone or electronic device. We feel such an intimate connection to the person we are directly communicating with that we give out nonverbal cues that we would normally reserve for one-on-one intimate space conversations. In addition...

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Patti Wood MA, CSP
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