Tips for Creating a Great First Impression and Making New Friends Your First Week on Campus

     Start new habits
      If you always texted your friends in high school to see what they were doing because they lived far away, now you can initiate face-to-face.  Knock on a dorm room door or catch people at the student union and invite them to do something with you. You be the one that says, “Hey you want to go get a coffee after class, hang together to study tonight or meet at the cafeteria for dinner?” If you use to study in your room with the door closed try studying in the college library or outside. If you watched a lot of TV downloads of videos before, don’t bring your TV with you or spend hours watching Hulu or Netflix when you get to campus. People make lifelong friends in their first week of college.  Put yourself out there to meet as many people as possible as soon as you step on campus.

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