Book reviews of "SNAP Making the Most Making of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma" by College Students

After reading the book SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma for my college public speaking class I have a few points I would like to address regarding the books effectiveness on a college student. I am a very nervous person when it comes to speaking in front of people or first encounters and I feel as though this book accurately depicts ways to successful present yourself in a business world. You always hear first impressions last a lifetime but reading this book has convinced me that the mind does have a weird way of recognizing weak and strong points in a person simply through facial expressions and first impressions. I have noticed myself sitting up straighter, looking people directly in the eyes and concentrating on smiling more. I feel as though this book is a great read for any and all college students and essential to the success of anyone in the business world. -- Bryant 

This book was great! I really enjoyed reading this book as a textbook, it was very insightful and made me really pay attention to my actions. I love how Patti Wood goes into detail on the most basic things like the folding of the arms. I never paid attention to how folding my arms could send off the wrong message, and I found that information very insightful. All the information is very useful and I can use it throughout my academic years as well as my career. After reading the book I noticed that I began to use some of the techniques to improve my communication skills with others and leave a better SNAP impression. This book really helps with improving the way I deliver my speeches and how I present myself to others. I think every college student should consider reading this book. SNAP is a very useful tool for any person looking to into the work force and be successful. This book overall is very useful and I’d recommend this book to anyone.  -- Kristin

I really enjoy having SNAP as a tool for this class instead of a textbook. I think that the behaviors taught by Patti Wood will not only help us in our academics, but throughout the rest of our lives. Being able to recognize behaviors in other and realize what our own behaviors put out there about ourselves is invaluable. Having this knowledge can put us above our peers and elevate us to the next level in all aspects of our life, both personally and professionally. I know that I have already used the information in SNAP to change my behaviors, but I have also noticed it in my classmates and their actions. This book is especially great because it allows us to feel as if we have "inside information" on how to give a better speech and present ourselves better. It lets us know that we can drastically improve the vibe that we put out just by changing a few small behaviors. This is a book that I will definitely keep and use over and over again.  -- Rachel

She made her book clear and to the point and easy for anyone to understand. I'm glad I bought this book instead of renting it because I can definitely go back to this book if I need to prepare for an interview or a presentation.

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