Sneeze Personality Survey


1.             Write one word that best describes your sneeze. __________                                         

2.             How do you sneeze in public? ________            

3.             How do you sneeze in private? _______            

4.             Is your public sneeze different from your private sneeze? __yes  __no                            

5.             Which of the following best describes the way you sneeze most of the time? Choose only one:

a.     ___Big sneeze

b.    ___Multiple sneezes

c.     ___One  “achoo”

d.    ___Cover it up sneeze

e.     ___Holding it in sneeze

f.     ___Let it go



(Put an “x” in the blank before the answer.)

6.  Which of the following best describes the way you sneeze?

a.     ___Quiet and discrete (S)

b.    ___Expressive and spontaneous (I)

c.     ___Bigger and more forceful than most  people’s (D)    

d.    ___Reserved and correct (C)

7.  When you are around people and you are about to sneeze, which of the following best describes what is going through your mind?

a.     ___I am going to conquer this. (D)

b.    ___I hope I do not bother anyone. (S)

c.     ___Wow. This is a big one.  (I)

d.    ___This is inappropriate. (C)

8.  Which of the following best describes your sneezing style?

a.     ___Animated and energetic (I)

b.    ___Methodical and polite(S)

c.     ___Reserved and conservative (C)

d.    ___Forceful and conquering (D)

9.  Which of the following scenarios most closely describes how you deal with and feel about sneezing?

a. ___I control it, or I let it out loudly and forcefully, get it over with and quickly move on. (D)

b. ___It is usually a big deal. So I may make a point of holding my nose, but usually I just let it go which is more fun. I want others to be comfortable so I may smile or say I am about to sneeze, make a fun comment

a.     ___I want to be correct and don't want to be untidy and spread germs to I will try to stifle it or cover my mouth.

b.             ___I like to be prepared and have a Kleenex. I want to avoid upsetting others. (S) 

10.  The most important thing when I sneeze is-

a.___To be precise and correct and follow the rules.

b. ___To be friendly and plesant about it

c.___To act efficiently and rabidly

d. ___To go with it and make it easy and acceptable with others that I sneezed.

11.  If I am with a group and I notice that someone is sneezing over and over again.

I am most likely to

a.             Do the correct thing, whatever I think that is, assume they would not want to be embarrassed by calling any attention to it.

b.            Work to get the group to move forward and get on with what we are doing.

c.             Try to ease the tension as quickly as possible and make everyone in the group feel comfortable perhaps by saying something

d.            Be sympathetic and helpful. See if I can quietly get them a Kleenex or gently ease their distress.

12.  Which of the following best describes your sneeze?

a.___get it done           

b.___get along 

c.___get noticed                                  

d.___get it right

13.  Do you do anything to change your sneeze? __yes __no                                                     

If you do what do you do? ________________________________                       

14.  Do you do anything to keep from sneezing?       __yes __no                                                

If yes what? __________________ __________________________________           

15.Do you use anything when you sneeze?         __yes __no                                                        

If yes what? ________________________

16.         ____Male     ___ Female

17.        ___ under 40    ___ over 40

18.        If you had to choose just one, which of the following words best describes you?

a ___ Helper,

b ___ Analyzer,

c ___ Doer

           d ___ Persuader

19.  Which of the following paragraphs best describes you?

a.________ You are warm and friendly and like a relaxed pace. The most important thing in your life is your relationships with others. You will work to avoid conflict and get along, even making personal sacrifices to do so. You are loyal, calm, and dependable. People say you are a good listener, though sometimes you feel interrupted. You are helpful, supportive and nurturing of others – in fact, you are the glue that keeps groups and families together. You are the shoulder to cry on and the one who remembers birthdays. You look carefully before taking action. You go behind the scenes to finish projects for others. A good day for you is when everyone gets along and you have helped others. You are more likely to turn away when you sneeze than other types.(Be Nice)

b. ____You are smart, careful, and accurate. A deep thinker you consider things before you speak. You are detailed and precise and catch mistakes that others miss. You have great insights and opinions, but you don’t always get a chance to express them. You like to read books that make you think. You like to work by yourself and relax at home, because you enjoy solitude. You take your time, play by the rules and wish others would do the same. People consider you a serious person, but you do see and create humor in things that others might miss.  A good day is when you noticed something that others did not see or had an insight that others did not. You are more likely to cover your mouth when you sneeze than other types. (Be Right)

c.___   Your lifestyle is fast paced and you are always on the go to get things done. You do all sorts or things at the same time like talking on the phone and driving. do one thing when you can do four? You like to get things done and then move on. You take command and solve problems quickly. You are fast, decisive and to the point. You are a winner, you gain energy from being in charge and meeting challenges. You are forceful and commanding and work to get things accomplished. A good day is when you have gotten a lot accomplished. You will hold in your sneeze if you can and are more likely to have a big loud sneeze than other types. (Done)

d.____ You are a leader and influencer. You want to be noticed and appreciated for your ideas and what you do. You are spontaneous and live life to the fullest. You don't like to waste your time or energy on boring details. You are boisterous, imaginative, and playful. You love to share a good story or a bit of humor and will do so with energy and drama. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you get the party going. You enjoy a good conversation whether it is on the phone, over dinner or out socializing.  A good day is when someone noticed your talent and work. You are more likely to have sneezes that people notice - big or multiple. (Applause)

 Mark your responses for questions 6 through 12 in the table below.

If you have 5 to 7 responses in any one column then you match that type. If you have three or four responses in any two columns then you enjoy a mixture of types.

        Be Nice     Be Right        Done          Applause

6.             a                   c                c                      b

7.             b                   d                a                       c

8.             b                    c               d                       a

9.             d                    c               a                       b

10.          b                    a               c                       d

11.          d                    a               b                       c

12.          b                    d               a                       c

Total _____          _____         _____          _____

Do you think that the test accurately reflects your personality? _____yes _____no

This quiz was created by non-verbal communication and behavior expert, Patti Wood, MA, CSP and is based on the DISC Model of Behavior.

Patti Wood, MA, Certified Speaking Professional - The Body Language Expert. For more body language insights go to her website at Check out Patti's website for her new book "SNAP, Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma" at Also check out Patti's YouTube channel at