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Patti will be on ESPN Radio

next Sunday morning,

June 30, 2013

  at 10:30 a.m.  


Patti will be sharing insights from her new book SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma with the listening audience. 

Be sure to tune in!  

  From the shows host.
The show you will be a guest on is in it's 5th year./ It is called the Water Cooler and we talk about sports, health, wealth, lifestyle

and anything else people are talking about that week around the water cooler.

We spend we spend a lot of time talking with guests about a very wide range of topics that you would not expect to hear discussed on a sports channel. I will also add guests around your spot that can speak to topics that relate in some way to body language, first impressions etc. . 

People like, Hank Hays (successful entrepreneur, author, and one of the top trainers of military and law enforcement personal and all levels

Some things that interest me are:

-           The body language of coaches and players in sports and how body language may or may not influence performance.

-          The body language of people in politics who may be presenting information that is not truthful.

-          I would think that the body language of dating would be a topic that would grab the attention of many listeners?

I know we will be talking about handshakes as the host shared this question from a listener.
 I mentioned to a listener that you would be on ESPN radio on Sunday and that  you had done extensive researched handshakes. She said she would love to know what your advise would be since she has suffered with arthritis since she was very young and that it hurts when someone shakes her hand too firmly.

Therefore, she often times avoids shaking hands because otherwise prior to each handshake she has to inform the person she is about to greet about her situation. I never gave it much thought but I thought it was a good question

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