So Ho Sylvie Murder Case Body Language of Nicholas Brooks on Dr. Drew

So Ho Sylvie Murder Case Body Language of Nicholas Brooks on Dr. Drew. Here is the read.

So Ho Murder Case, Patti Wood on Dr. Drew,


Sylvie Cachay, a promising New York fashion designer, had a dangerous chemistry with her playboy boyfriend, the son of an Academy Award-winning composer. They were only together six months, but they fought like crazy and made up the same way, friends say.
But on Dec. 9, 2010, Cachay's body was found in an overflowing bathtub at a members-only hotel in the Meatpacking District, among the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. She was dressed in a thick black sweater and pink and blue underwear. The faucet was on full blast. Her boyfriend, Nicholas Brooks, was absent — she was discovered by hotel workers responding to a leaky ceiling in the room below. But his DNA was on the faucet, prosecutors said.
The case was a tabloid sensation. "Death at the Soho House: Beauty in the Bath," read the New York Post cover.
Brooks, 25, is now on trial for murder after prosecutors said he strangled the 33-year-old inside the Soho House hotel room because she tried to end their tumultuous relationship. The case is expected to go until early July.
"It was an act as ruthless as it was cowardly," Assistant District Attorney Jordan Arnold said during opening statements.
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Brooks has pleaded not guilty. His defense attorney Jeffrey Hoffman suggested Cachay drowned accidentally, passing out from an overdose of prescription pills she took to treat migraines and fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes widespread pain in the body. He said investigators rushed to arrest Brooks because they needed a fast suspect in the high-profile killing that became national news.
"There had to be immediate satisfaction to the press and to the publicity," Hoffman said.
The two were introduced by a friend in 2010, and were on one of their first dates when Cachay's teacup poodle Pepper was run over by a car. She had to euthanize the dog, and Brooks comforted her. The trauma bonded them, her friends said. But the two were constantly on-again, off-again. Cachay didn't like that they would drink too
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