Julia Roberts' Niece, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters' Body Language as a Couple since the Domestic Violence Charge

Patti was asked to read the body language of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters in the pic below by Life and Style Magazine.  Her comments will be in next Wednesday's issue in the PDA section. 

That is doozy of a story. I can't see her hand closest to him.  Really they are walking beautifully in sync with one another.  See how the toes are down in the same spot on the ball of the foot on their back foot and on the heel of the foot on the front foot.   Exactly in step and looking down at the same spot which means  (I remember the first photo I read of Julia with her then new boyfriend now husband where they were walking in sync and I said for a mag" This it. This is her love" 

Getting back to them, I do see that she is using her artifact (purse papers and scarf) to block her heart, but it could be the photographer. 

What I think is most interesting is that he is so cautiously putting his hand around her. See how the upper arm, elbow and forearm are not touching her and the hand is flat. It is a very polite way of showing affection and protection and not the usual arm wrap of love and ownership.

From the photo alone I would give them a 3.

Here is a piece I did later on Julia with all her boyfriends. http://www.pattiwood.net/uploads/Julia%20Roberts%20Body%20Language%20US%20mag.pdf

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