15 Christmas Presents from Children's Art Work and or Your Photos and or Your Recipies

1.       Make into lampshades for kids rooms by hot gluing on the OUTSIDE of a lampshade.

2.       Collage the artwork and or photos into placemat size, get a laminating kit or take the big artwork to Office Depot to make into placemats for the table.

3.       Put photos or artwork or recipe inside a special insulated cup, there is a company in Sarasota Florida that makes Tumbler insultated cups.

4.       Collage a hard cardboard box off birthday party photos and artwork for Birthday present box or Christmas photos and Christmas art for Christmas present.

5.       Take photos of kids, or family or group of friends while they are doing art or craft project or cooking something special. Coollage the photos along with artwork, craft project or recipe for what you make inside a frame or with the gift of the art or food.

6.       Make a cardboard Book Marker

7.       Wrap around pencils then cover with clear tape

8.       Take photos of the artwork and photo shop into elegant and fun frames, print out and use as gift to from cards.

9.       Make Photo, artwork or recipe into fabric  with kit from Michael’s Craft store and then sew onto the cuff of socks

10.   Do above and sew onto cuff of mittens or gloves
·         can get a clear smart phone case for an smart phone online or at a kiosk in the mall and put in photos and artwork. That gives you the option of rotating out photos and artwork.
·         If you are buying your sweetie and TV you can put a photo of you two or family photo on the remote and cover it the photo with clear contact paper or clear tape.
·         Know someone who loves bake goods or who is gluten free? Buy inexpensive reseal able clear floor sugar and or coffee containers from Big lots or Target (the plastic or glass kind with rubber seal and metal clip look and work best.) Take or glue photos, artwork and or recipe on outside, Put baking ingredients on the inside. ( There are gluten free baking mixes at most grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Home Goods and Wholefoods if you don’t want to make dry ingredients from scratch.
·         For a funny present buy a paper towel dispenser (My favorite is the fantastic one that you can one hand to break off a towel at time from Bed Bath and Beyond) and a six pack of paper towels.  Carefully take the cardboard rolls out of the paper towels. On a sheet of paper the length and width or the roll paste photos or artwork, Glue around the cardboard roll place back into paper towels. You now have a six pack full of surprises. As your gift recipient finishes a roll they find their unique gift hidden on the cardboard roll.  
·         Buy a business card case. On the inside cover place a family photo, cover with clear contact paper.  


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