Cell Phone Behavior from Body Language Expert

I work with Fortune 500 companies, consulting on their communication. I recommend several cultures norms for cell phone behavior. One is to try turning off and putting away the cell phone when sitting down and beginning a meeting.  So, for example, for Deloitte I recommended that all consultants begin the meeting with a statement such as, “This meeting with you is so important I am turning off my phone and putting it away.” And then actually putting the phone away off the table and out of reach, so they were not tempted to do what I call “hip checks” where they might rest the phone on their hip and gaze at it.  You can get more information about etiquette and research on cell phone use from my book SNAP Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma. The last piece is how cell phone use affects the brain by laying down neural pathways to the ego centers of the brain so that we act and feel superior to those around us.

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