Research shows that 71% of executives admit to falling asleep during a presentation

Research shows that 71% of executives admit to falling asleep during a presentation.

Study: Most execs sleep their way to the top

  • Results released this week from an online poll by a data visualization software company reveals that 71 percent of business executives surveyed have fallen asleep or felt sleepy during dull presentations.
  • The survey of 382 business managers was conducted by San Diego-based Infommersion. In addition to the 71 percent who admitted to dozing off, another 43 percent have caught other people napping during presentations.
  • The most difficult types of presentations to stay awake through were individual speeches, followed by training sessions, and then general meetings, according to the Infommersion poll. Interestingly, Webcasts were said to be the easiest type of conference to stay alert though with only 11 percent of respondents saying they were difficult to sit through, the company reported.
  • Survey participants said that the most important elements for a successful presentation were an 'animated and enthusiastic' speaker (at 51 percent), followed by an 'interesting and interactive' presentation (at 36 percent of the votes). It helped if the presenter was 'good looking,' 3 percent of respondents said.  

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