Sleeping in Public in China

Sleeping in public is common in China. The practice reflects a foggy border between public and private space, between work and rest, between open job markets and guaranteed positions. What will happen, if anything, to this common habit as China evolves from communism to market socialism? Some people believe that his habit grounded in a communist ethos where work is guaranteed and your performance not measured, some believe that it is grounded in cities that function fully for 24 hours a day instead of closing at night. Sine researches like Molly Steven wonder if Chinese businesses will begin enforce western standards for behavior, or wonder if napping become a protest against non-Chinese institutions? She gives the example of   IKEA, a stalwart Nordic institution has been invaded by thousands of sleeping Chinese customers.  The company has had to evolve their businesses practices to adapt to the Chines culture of the How has, or has not, the industrial giant evolved their business practices to take into account this interesting behavior?

This presentation will explore some of the history and social norms associated with public sleeping in China in 2013 and discuss the current climate in the retail stores about this habit.( source Snore: Public Sleeping in China

Monday, 16 Sep 2013, Molly Stevens

 If you would like to see more photos of the public sleeping in China go to www. they call China “The Sleeping Giant". Or how the new China is "The Awakening of the Red Dragon". But the photos or just hysterical. It’s the new website replacing the old favorite funny photos of Walmart shoppers. I hope everyone sleeps well.

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