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February 2013 Newsletter
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Patti Wood MA, CSP is an international speaker, author and consultant to Fortune 500 companies. She reads the body language of politicians, celebrities and other well-known world figures for national media such as CNN and FOX News. Her corporate clients describe her as a dynamic, powerhouse presenter.

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Dear Patti

After you kiss your sweetie this Valentine's Day, you may want to share with him or her how the ritual of kissing, (also known by it's scientific term Osculation) improves your health and the quality of your relationship. You can read about the "Secret Benefits of Kissing" in this month's first article.
This month I was in Chicago to do a segment on Kissing Secrets with comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey and traveled to Miami, Savannah and beautiful Cancun Mexico to speak on body language, selling and dynamic presentation skills. I hope to be in your city soon.
Here are this month's articles and TV interview links.
Video of HLN interview of the body language of suspected murderer Jodi Arias while she is on the witness stand during her trial.
Toronto Sun article about how personal items displayed at work convey messages.
This Valentine's Day you may want to catch my interview on Kissing with comedian and author, Steve Harvey on his show about kissing. It airs on NBC on Thursday at 1 pm EST.
Take Care,
PS - If you would like your team, company or association to learn to use the benefits of body language, email Dorothy@PattiWood.net

Quick Conflict
Prevention Tools
A baby cries when he is hungry, a teenager whines when she doesn't get her way, a boss yells when he wants something done right now, a customer rants when she has to wait. When a person does not get what they want, when they want it, they can quickly turn into a difficult person. We all have needs and when those needs are not met we yell, cry, whine and in other equally annoying ways become difficult people. The number one reason we fail to deal with a difficult person is we fail to recognize their need...what made them difficult in the first place? So to prevent the crying, whining, yelling and ranting figure out what a person needs - and if you can, give it to him. Here are four basic human needs and how you can meet them and prevent conflict without losing time, energy or your own temper. Avoid Conflict by offering Comfort.
Comfort - When someone needs comforting, comfort him or her. A few years ago someone broke into my mother's retirement condominium. She got up in the morning to make her tea and toast and there was a drunken man, passed out cold on her couch. My mom was frightened and upset. Two days later, after the break-in was mentioned in the paper and was the talk of the retirement home, one of my mother's friends who she had not talked to since the break-in, called my mother and asked her out to dinner. My mother was hurt, her friend didn't talk about the break-in, nor did she mention why she hadn't checked in with my mother for two days. My mother got very upset and told her friend she did not want to have dinner with her and why which led to an argument between the two friends. What caused the argument and the rejected invitation? An unmet need. What need did the friend not meet? Comfort. My mother wanted her friend to say, "I am sorry this frightening event happened." And along with that, to visit her and give her a hug. However, her friend for whatever reason had not called her in two days and when she did she didn't mention the break-in. My mother simply wanted to be comforted and given attention and her friend did not meet that basic need.
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