How to Let Someone Know When It's Time to Go Polite and Rude Ways to End a Conversation

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March 2012 Newsletter
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in the end
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Dear Patti,
Can we be kind when we want to end a conversation? This month's main article will let you know the best ways to signal the person you're talking with to go.
You can also see my reads for the media on Romney, Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and other people in the news.
Take Care,
How to Let Someone Know
When It's Time to Go
Polite and Rude Ways
to End a Conversation
Suitable for Posting at Your Office
  • Have you ever had someone come into your office or home that just did not pick up on the fact that the conversation was over?
  • Have you ever been stuck in a long conversation during a meeting, party, dinner or network event?
  • Have you ever wished to give non-stop talkers a list of cues to look for so they knew it was time to go?
Here is the list of both gracious and impolite ways
for you to end a conversation.

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Burnt Bread Recipe
For a Laugh -After months of friends having me over for dinner as I finished up my book, I am now hosting dinner parties again. My friends looked forward to the bread accompanying the mushroom ravioli I had fixed for dinner. Later, while we were up in my office checking out possible book covers my friend Richard asked, "What's that smell?" and we discovered the burnt pesto bread in the oven. Another friend asked for the recipe so here it is!
Top 10 Favorite Books of 2011
I remember my first favorite book, the one I first read over and over again at the age of 9 "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott. Yes, I preferred the adventures of boys rather than the mild, and to me hum drum lives of the "Little Women" written about by the same author.
Though I had been a reader before the age of 9 at that particular age I found that my Barbie dolls were boring and my pogo stick and tether ball no longer seemed engaging. Reading became my play, and more than that, it became my way to seek adventures, to travel through time and space, to feast on life. For me books are as essential as air, and food and sometimes more essential than sleep. I would love to know your favorite books.
In 2011, I wrote more, spoke more, and traveled more than in any year of my career. To balance my wonderful real life with my creative life that meant I also read a lot of wonderful books.
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