Video of Miley, SNL, Today Show, Tongue Thrusts, Sticking Out Your Tongue, Body Language Read of Miley

Miley, SNL, Today Show, Tongue Thrusts, Sticking Out Your Tongue

Body Language Expert Patti Wood will be talking about
Miley's body language on the Today Show and on her recent SNL interview.

Baby's thrust their tongues to as they nurse and to "self comfort" or self sooth. When a babies stop thrusting their tongues when they are not nursing it is a sign that they are ready to eat solid food.  Miley thrust out her tongue to show she was ready to grow up and be seen as a sexual being.  As she did it with the entire tongue thrusting out of the mouth and held is very sexual and aggressive.

During the Saturday Night Live Monologue she appeared  confident and sassy. She came out giving a prayer steeple and self comfort handclasp. As she said, "I don't apologize for my VMA performance."  Eye flutter. That she still feels bad about it. Though she appeared at one level to be UBER confident for the entire monologue their was something that may surprise you that revealed what she was feeling underneath the hupla and performance façade. It was very very subtle. When I do a read of a performance  like this I have the first level read of how they performance and then how they feel about what they are saying.  What was the most interesting that when she said,  I'm not going to do Hannah Montana - She did a rapid eye flutter that indicated she high anxiety she I hate that old role in my life, I am done with that child persona. Then she said, "... but I can give you an update on what she's been up to.  She was murdered." and then did a eye shutter.  Though her voice was coached and powerful as she said she was murdered she puckered her mouth with distaste. She didn't really like saying that. So as much as you think she was confident and having the time of her life, their was a "tell" that she was

From SNL: She said

MILEY:  I don't apologize for my VMA performance.  If I owe anybody an apology it's the people who make the bottom half of shirts, but there are a few subjects we're not going to get into tonight.  I'm not going to do Hannah Montana - but I can give you an update on what she's been up to.  She was murdered.  And also, we went back and forth on this - but guys, I just don't think we should do that wrecking ball sketch.

BOBBY:  What? I mean, come on...
MILEY:  Sorry Bobby

On the today
She was a

IN:  00:00:01

MILEY:  I don't really worry about anything because I know who I am, and I know that I'm and artist and I know that I've put all of this time and this effort into my record and my record is proof of really who I am and you know I said something before - where for me the most important thing is being a really good person and that doesn't depend on what you do on stage - that depends how you treat people when you're off stage - and I know how I treat people, so I'm not really too worried about it.



MATT:  Any do-overs in terms of your career right now?  Is there something you'd like to do differently that you've done in the last couple of months? 

MILEY:  I can't change anything. Can't go back, so I can do a lot of things but I can't  change the past - so nothing.  Can't change. but you know, anything I can't control I don't really think about.  I just live my life the way it is and I don't really regret anything.

Can't go back rather than I can't go back, Can't Change, Depersonalize it. Taking away her responsibility for what she did in at the  awards. Then she speeds even faster than her baseline through the, I don't regret anything.

MATT: Do you have a five-year plan?  You said you don't plan things a second ago.  I think you meant overnight, but do you have a five-year plan?

MILEY:  Not really.  I'm just - I'm focused on when I get to go on tour - which is gonna be next year - which I'm really excited about.  And, so that's really my focus.  My plan is focusing on right now and continuing what I'm doing because everything - I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life so I'm really happy to be here.

In the media interviewing BIZ they call that statement aTalking point. It a prewritten rehearsed statement, written by your marketing team. Notice how she  She rushes into it. Letting me know it is prepared statement.

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