How to use Charisma to persuade and hold attention. A Walt Disney Body Language Trick

Walt Disney was “the great convincer” in the words of his marketing director, Card Walker. He liked to exercise his famous eye-lock technique in which he caught his victim’s face and held it tight. If he or she turned away, Disney would say, “What’s the matter, aren’t you interested.” Pamela (Author of Mary Poppins) was his match. She called him “Mr. Disney” and did not turn away during their long talk in Burbank that April working on Mary Poppins.  This is a quote from a book I just finished reading “Mary Poppins, She Wrote –the life of P.L. Travers” by Valerie Lawson. Interesting as I say in my workshops on body language laser focus eye contact is a body language technique used by highly charismatic people. 

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