Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney - What does their body language say about them as a couple?

What is fascinating is how her style, specifically her clothing and shoes, are hindering her connection to Taylor. The high heels and high split in the dress keeps her from walking closer and makes him have to slow down to her speed.  The low-cut dress makes her posture pull back and makes her choose to put her arm on her hip oddly to look bold and powerful. Her dress seems a metaphor of her relationship, Split in two. You see half of her is dressed conservatively the other half is bare and bold.  Half of her is in the relationship; the other half wants to be the Diva. 

He is also split in his emotions. See how half  his bulk and weight is held back to be with her. Very interesting!

They are split, but the handhold even with the pull of the bodies in two different directions is strong and interlocking.

 I give them a 3 on the Life & Style True Love Rating Scale.

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