How to Get Media Interviews and Press for Your Business.

Tips from My Chapter of the NSA book PAID TO SPEAK

Since 2001, I have given an average of two national media interviews a week to promote my business, interviews with everyone from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News and hundreds more. 
Media sources are looking for experts they want -
·        Someone who can relate his or her topic to current events, hot companies and products that are in the headlines and high in people’s Google searches.  And someone who can relate their stories to Politicians, business leaders, Fortune 500 companies, famous people, who are currently in the media spotlight.  You also need to know on any given day what other experts in your field are saying about your subject expertise.
·        Someone who responds immediately. Have a smart phone and check it often. If you get a call and I have lost big opportunities because I didn't check my emails or texts for just a few hours.
·        They need you to be ready NOW! The media are extremely hard working people, their deadlines are tremendously tight and they are under enormous pressure to find a good source quickly. Print and online media typically needs an immediate answer and broadcast media typically gives you a few hours’ notice before your interview. 
Every day people you meet will tell you what your company represents to them, potential media pitch points you can put in press releases and how to prepare for your media interviews. You just need to listen.  If you speak to someone and they ask you a question, write it down, and research the correct answer and craft your response and have it ready for the media.  If you are at a networking event and someone makes a comment about your topic, product or company that is incorrect write down their statement later and ask yourself how you could state the information correctly or put their statement in the form of a question as if a media person asked it. For example, my cousin is an expert on coal mining and is the general counsel of the coal mining industry. He often has people share with him how horrible coal mining is for the environment. He keeps notes on all the statements as well as the questions he is asked and he makes sure he and anyone else that speaks and does media for his company has the latest research findings on coal mining’s effect on the environment, what the industry does to positively affect the environment as well as how the industry effects the costs of energy and builds jobs and is specific positive economic impact.  It is clear when he talks he is the expert. He knows what he is talking about and he speaks passionately about it.

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