What is the worst thing that ever happened in your life that led to one of the best things that happened in your life?

My answer to a great conversation starting question.
A media source asked me what was the best personal and business thing I learned from the worst thing I experienced in my life. Here is the answer.

Worst thing. When I was 28 I was teaching body language at Florida State, had a business as a professional speaker and working full time on my Doctorate when my best friend, my twin soul, Roy Moyer told me he was dying from AIDS. We were both devastated.
Roy who had so much to give was dying very slowly and painfully and I wanted to move from my home in Tallahassee Florida to Atlanta to be with him.
I sold almost everything I owned down to the bare walls and moved to a little fourth floor walkup and spent a little less than a year with him before he died.

It was horrible and humbling but I learned so much about love and friendship. One of the best things I learned is to try to say and show my friends and family that I care for them.

I also learned things that served me well in my business specifically about first impressions that led to me writing a book. That learning included time I spent in hospitals with Roy.  I write and speak on body language, first impressions and patient care.   I also went from owning a business to working as a temp secretary that year and learned a lot about how offices work, specifically the front desk and how unsupportive women can be to other women at lower levels which has led to my speaking on first impressions as well as women and leadership.
The best business thing that happened is that I moved to Atlanta and my business took off.

Roy was an amazing person and we had always been there for each other but when you have so little time you learn that each conversation is gift.
The best thing I learned or more correctly must continue to learn is that I need to be present with those you love.

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