Body Language Read of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Notice how pulled back her pelvis is. Her upper body is straight as a board and her legs are taunt and she is walking stiffly. Along with the distant gaze and pressed together lips she is showing lots of tension even notice how Johnny is bent over, head bowed and feet close together shuffling like an old man. He is weary, but he still makes an extreme effort to reach back and hold her hand. This is a difficult time for them. They are showing tension and wear. I give them a 2 because of the hand hold.

The red carpet photo shows how much fun they were having. Look at her proud posture and smile and how he holds her weight. I think I read another one like this for you a while ago. I love how they are overlapping bodies at upper chest. Great that she can lean on him and how her hand on her hip shows she can hold her own.  Don't like that her head is tilted away but she looks so happy and her lean is so into him. I give this a 4

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