Body Language Read of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

I love them in the photo with him in the rose colored T-shirt where they are holding hands.  The sideways entertained handhold shows their tenderness comes from each other equally. I also love how she is bending her knees and offering her pelvis, and arching up her chest and head into the kiss and his pelvis is forward to her. I give it a 5

The other photo, remembering how hard it is to read a photo of a couple walking shows him far ahead in body guard position.  If you notice his uplifted head and subtle smile that plays up to his small yes true happiness you see he is content in that role. She is more guarded. See how she holds on to him like a child to her dad in the grocery story. She is pulling back a bit, see her straight arm. I want you to protect me, but on the other hand I am a big girl. I don't like that she has her cell phone as she holds him. It’s symbolic of how work comes first.  They are still very much a new couple but she has to change how she interacts and uses her power.  I give this a 3.

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